Lady Gaga Quickly Shoots Down Rumors That She Might Be Pregnant

Lady Gaga has shut down any talk of her giving birth any time soon by saying the only thing she is pregnant with is her next album.

Nothing makes us feel older than the popstars, actors, and athletes that we feel as if we grew up listening to growing up themselves. Whether it be an engagement, a marriage, or a baby on the way, it can give us extremely mixed feelings. We naturally feel happy for our idols, but if we haven't reached any of those goals ourselves then it can also deal us a serious dose of self-reflection.

For the purposes of this story, how about we focus on the light-hearted first aspect. That celebrities having babies makes us happy. 2019 is going to be a big one in regards to that topic too as we all eagerly await the arrival of yet another royal baby. We were also led to believe that we would be introduced to a little Lady Gaga, a BabyGaga if you will, but apparently, that is not to be.


As reported by ET Canada, there were recently rumors swirling that the pop star was pregnant with her first child. There was also the much more ridiculous rumor that Gaga didn't know who the father was, and that it could have been ex-fiance Christian Carino or her A Star Is Born co-star Bradley Cooper. While we never believed that wild rumor, we were hopeful that Gaga was pregnant with someone's baby.

Gaga obviously got wind of the rumors and decided to lay them to rest. Mother Monster claimed that the rumors are true on Twitter. However, she is not about to become a mother for real, but she is pregnant with her sixth studio album. Clever as it replaced an exciting rumor with some exciting news. Gaga fans have since been replying to the tweet in a variety of amusing ways, including one monster who posted a screenshot of tips on how to induce labor.

Since the pop star is currently single, it is unlikely that she is planning on starting a family any time soon. However, at least the rumors led to us discovering that a new album is on the way. There is also talk that Gaga might well be collaborating with Rihanna and BloodPop for the record. So no baby, but new music from Gaga. We can get behind that.


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