Lauren Conrad Dishes On How She's Preparing Son Liam For A Sibling

Former The Hills star turned fashion designer Lauren Conrad is reaching the tail end of her pregnancy with baby number two. Conrad, 33, and her husband- former musician turned lawyer William Tell- 39, seem to be excited for the newest addition in their family. But it's not just the happy couple who's eager to meet their little bundle of joy.

Conrad revealed in a recent interview that she's trying to get her first son, two-year-old Liam, excited as the prospect of being a big brother. She explained that she wants her son to like being an older sibling and that she wants it to be a "positive experience" for him. Conrad has gone on to explain that Liam's smart enough to understand the big change that's going to happen sooner than later.

To help prepare her son for a new baby joining the family, Conrad explained, that she and Tell gave their son books about similar situations, as well as "a baby doll and all those things." Conrad also revealed that despite the exhaustion caused by her pregnancy and having to continue working, she's still trying to give Liam enough attention to keep him happy.

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Conrad says that she plans to use a lot of the same products and items she had used on son Liam when he was a baby. She also revealed that she and Tell already know the sex of their second baby- but have no intention of revealing it to the public until after the birth of baby number two. Finally, the couple is waiting until that same time to pick a name for their newborn. It's a plan that they also did back when Liam was born.

It was back in April when Conrad revealed that she was expecting baby number two in an adorable Instagram post. She gave birth to Liam back in July of 2017, thus making her a new mom at the time. In addition, Conrad married Tell in September of 2014- roughly three years before the duo started a family of their own. Now, their little family is only going to get bigger.

We're hoping for Conrad's sake- and her family's- that their second child comes healthy and happy sooner than later!

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