Lauren Conrad Reacts To Her Son Having The Same Name As Zooey Deschanel's Son

Depending on what you name your new son or daughter, they may or may not share it with someone else in the world. There's nothing wrong with that; it's just a fact of life. It's one thing to share the same first name as someone else. However, it's a whole other thing to share the same first and middle name of someone else's child.

This is the situation actress Zooey Deschanel, 39, and reality TV star turned fashion designer Lauren Conrad, 33, found themselves in a month ago. That was when Conrad and husband William Tell welcomed their second child, Charlie Wolf Tell. Interestingly, Deschanel pointed out that her son (who was born back in 2017) is also named Charlie Wolf.

While Deschanel was amused by this, it did have others wondering if Conrad had intentionally copied her. Fans of one or both famous women speculated about the truth of the matter. Now, about a month later, Conrad revealed in an interview that her new son sharing the same name as Deschanel's son was nothing more than a mere "coincidence".

via The Daily Mail


"It sounds like I’m a follower. They’re just both family names. Charlie, or Charles, is a family name and a name that my husband and I both really like, and then Wolf actually comes from his side. I found it on a really old trunk at his grandmother’s house and she was like, 'Oh, yeah. We had a bunch of wolves in our family,' so it kind of stuck with me and I just liked it," Conrad explained.

She then added, "It took me so long to figure out a name, and the only reason we picked it is because we couldn’t leave the hospital without doing so. We needed to put something on the birth certificate, so for the first day and a half he didn’t have a name and I was, like, really stressed about picking it.

So from what Conrad has said, it appears that she picked Charlie Wolf for personal reasons that tie into her own family. She had absolutely no intention of copying Deschanel whatsoever. One thing's for sure: both of these kids have the coolest names, as well as great moms!

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