Lauren London Posts Touching Tribute On 1st Father’s Day Without Nipsey Hussle

Lauren London spent her first Father's Day without her late boyfriend Nipsey Hussle.

Lauren London lost her boyfriend, Nipsey Hussle, at the end of March. He was a victim in a very tragic shooting where he was targeted. He was killed and it was completely traumatizing to London. Together the couple shares a sweet little two-year-old son named Kross. This was the first Father's Day that London had to experience without her love. She shared on her Instagram a picture of her late boyfriend peering over at their son.

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London captioned her post, "one of the reasons I fell in love with you....Your fatherhood today we celebrate you. Love you Ermias." She is probably going through a lot of emotions having to go through a day where she would love to be able to celebrate with her late boyfriend. Many of Nipsey's friends commented on London's post and shared their condolences for her loss. People were sharing their thoughts. Most people commented on Instagram by saying, "R.I.P King!"  London is very sad and she is still struggling with his passing especially since it was only a few months ago.

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London has shared many posts on her Instagram remembering the loss of her boyfriend. On her most recent posts was sharing a picture of Nipsey's face that she had tattoed on her arm to help her honor him. She captioned the post saying, "God will rise." And we can tell through her posts that she is trying really hard to move on with life and be the best mom to her sweet little two-year-old son.

We are so sorry for Lauren's loss and we are so sad that she has had to go through such a traumatic event. We are hoping that she finds peace and that she can continue being a great mother to her son. It would be so hard to lose the father of your child and it would be even harder to go through Father's Day knowing he isn't there. Our hearts are with your London.

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