Legendary Children's Musicians Sharon and Bram Are Back With 'The Drum Song'

Legendary children's group Sharon and Bram are making a musical comeback with a new version of an old single, "The Drum Song." Originally released in 1978 on their debut album, One Elephant, Deux Éléphants as, "Is There Anybody Here?",  the song was re-released on September 13th and modernized for a new generation.

"The Drum Song" is the new name of an old song and has an upbeat melody with a strong marching rhythm that teaches kids all the different parts of a drum. The bass drum, high-hat, and tom-tom are all explained through sound and beat. The sounds all come together in the song to entertain preschoolers and children. The song's lyrics were updated by Sharon Hampson's daughter, Randi Hampson, and was given a new arrangement by Glenn Morley.

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Sharon Hampson and Bram Morrison have been singing together for decades after meeting at a school singing performance in Canada. Lois Lilienstein was also there that day and along with her, Hampson and Morrison formed a trio of musicians who made music for children. Simply known as Sharon, Lois, and Bram, all three singers had a goal of entertaining both children and adults with catchy and timeless songs for children, preschoolers, and parents.

They recorded their first album with $20,000 borrowed from friends and family who believed in them. The album produced the hit single "Skinnamarink" which we know you know and have definitely sung and done the dance. You probably grew up on it. The success of the album spawned a children show aptly titled The Elephant Show. The show ran for four years on Canadian channel CBC and from 1984-1988. It then ran on Nickelodeon in the 90s where many millennial moms would know it from.

The Elephant Show Via CBC/sharonloisbram

Each episode of The Elephant Show would follow the trio and their large elephant friend. The elephant was goofy and always doing fun antics. They were joined by groups of children and a family friend sidekick who added more humor. The group would then have fun adventures either at their home in the backyard. Or they would go on trips around town to places like the zoo, hospital, museums, and stores.

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After the series ended its run, Sharon, Lois, and Bram continued to perform together. They would take occasional breaks but always get back together to perform again. They've performed in many prestigious concert venues across the United States including Carnegie Hall, The White House, and Lincoln Center as well as every major concert venue in Canada.

As a group, they were inducted into The Order of Canada, the highest honor in Canada. Sadly, Lois passed away from in 2015 from cancer. Sharon and Bram did continue to perform together but performed a farewell tour in 2018. They celebrated 40 years of singing together and ended their connected careers on a high note.

The innocent and catchy tunes of Sharon and Bram will forever live on in the rooms of preschoolers, the sounds of Youtube, and in the minivans of parents for generations to come.  "The Drum Song" is now available to download on iTunes, Spotify, GooglePlay, Apple, and Amazon. Introduce your kids to the classic and iconic children's musicians!

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