Lena Dunham Opened Up On Twitter About Endometriosis Surgery

Actress Lena Dunham has opened up on Twitter about her endometriosis surgery after enduring years of excruciating pain.

The Girls alum has never been one to shy away from the truth or being completely open with her many fans. She has used social media in the past to speak her mind, even when many people did not agree with her. However, Dunham’s latest posts about endometriosis have Twitter users expressing their sympathy and praise for the activist.

Endometriosis is an excruciating affliction caused by tissue from a woman's uterus lining growing in other places outside of the uterus. Sometimes the tissue grows on the ovaries, the fallopian tubes, and around pelvic tissue. The pain associated with endometriosis is often misunderstood as severe cramps, and can also vary depending on the extent of the condition.

Over 176 million women suffer from endometriosis, according to the Endometriosis Foundation of America. Although in some women the condition can be controlled by going on birth control, some women suffer such extreme cases that a hysterectomy is the only option to alleviate the pain. The latter is exactly what happened to Dunham.

She first shared her difficult story in an op-ed for Vogue, but she has now taken to social media to elaborate on her struggle with a series of tweets. Because endometriosis and women's reasons for hysterectomies are often misunderstood, her candidness about both is bringing out her supporters in droves.

“I got my life back after mine… so many years of pain and what I called flooding. About 4 months after surgery, I was taking my daily walk, and I suddenly realized “I don’t have pain anymore” so many years of coping w/it took time to realize it was gone,” tweeted @lrudmilliken.

And it was not just women who were thanking the actress, with men reaching out to sympathize with her as they had seen their own wives deal with the condition.

“My wife has severe endo and has had 3 laparoscopies in 3 years, one of which they removed a fallopian tube, part of her colon and a 10cm cyst. Thank you for sharing your story. Sometimes we feel so alone in our endo journey!” tweeted @cameronwiley.

Lena Dunham has opened up about her painful journey with endometrioses and her choice to get a hysterectomy. It is a powerful story everyone needs to read.

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