Doctors Recommend Upping Veggies, Lowering Sugar For Kids

It might sound like an obvious piece of advice, but not enough parents are opting for vegetables over sugary snacks when it comes to feeding their children.

Getting your kids to eat anything at a young age can be a challenge. Ensuring they are eating a good amount of healthy food is something else entirely. For many parents, discovering a small number of foods that they will willingly eat is mission accomplished, whether those foods be healthy options or not.

That being said, there are easy options that your baby will likely enjoy that are marketed as being healthy. However, rather annoyingly, that can be misleading. Baby foods and baby snacks are often marketed as having "no added sugar" which is technically true. However, foods made with fruit and honey have the natural sugar from those products so are still packed with it.

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BBC reports that a new report issued by the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health in the UK is urging parents to have their babies try some more bitter flavours, among other things. Although many parents may roll their eyes and claim that is easier said than done, the report hits back that even though little ones prefer sweeter foods, they are more open to trying different things than you might think.

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"It's important that they're introduced to a variety of flavours, including more bitter tasting foods such as broccoli and spinach," explained a professor who worked on the report. She also discussed the issues caused by children consuming too much sugar, revealing that 23% of five-year-olds in the UK suffer from tooth decay. Too much sugar can also lead to diabetes and childhood obesity.

The Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition recommends that sugar make up about 5% of a toddler's daily intake. However, as it stands, that number is more than double at a worrying 11.3%. With England and Scotland both pledging to reduce childhood obesity in their respective countries by 50% by the year 2030, officials will be keen to act on the findings of this report sooner rather than later.

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