Less Traditional Boys' Middle Name Options For Your Little Prince

These less traditional boys’ middle names will widen your options for finalizing your little prince’s name. While most of the focus is on the first name, the middle name adds more character to the whole name. Choosing a good transition into the family name is key to an elegant-sounding one.

Classic middle names are those we’ve heard over and over again. “William,” “James,” and “David” have been chosen frequently by parents everywhere. However, in a world with seven billion people, parents want their kids to be unique and feel special with a one-of-a-kind name. In this light, parents don’t have to stop at a unique first name—the middle name can be funky too!

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Cosmopolitan released a list of 57 less conventional middle names for boys. The top three are names that start with an “a:” “Aidan,”” Alexander,” and” Andrew.” With a vowel sound, these choices would go well with first names that end with a consonant. As the list goes on, other vowel-starting names like “Oliver” and “Eric” would also fall under this theme. The middle name adds flow when saying the full name, so thinking of it will roll off the tongue is a good start to making a choice.

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Among the options that Cosmopolitan lists, there are those one would never consider a middle name. Artist-inspired names like “Zayn” and “Hendrix” are on the list as potential middle names for little boys. More unique ones like “Sutton,” “Jax,” and “Knox” also made the list—showing that there are no rules to choosing a name for your kid. As long as it sounds nice and makes sense, there’s no pressure to follow tradition.

In some cases, parents even feel like their children shouldn’t have a middle name. They’re not going to use it every day anyway, so there’s no point in adding an extra name for them to write down on official documents when they’re older. However, if middle names are your thing, just remember that there are plenty more options out there! Just because it “sounds more like a first name” doesn’t mean it needs to be one.

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