Flushable Pregnancy Tests Are In The Works From Lia

Flushable pregnancy tests are in the works thanks to a new startup company, Lia, which is on a mission to change the way women view pregnancy tests.

There have been some vast improvements in pregnancy tests over the years. The accuracy, the amount of time which it takes to find out if one is pregnant or not, and ease of use have all come a long way. Seriously, taking a pregnancy test could not be any simpler or more reliable these days.

However, Lia CEO and co-founder Bethany Edwards is about to unveil a whole new pregnancy test. One that will be beneficial to all women, but especially to those who may not be ready for anyone to know they are pregnant or had a pregnancy scare. She has been working for over four years to develop a flushable pregnancy test, which will be the first of its kind.


It has been almost 40 years since drastic changes were made in the world of pregnancy tests. ClearBlue was the first company to develop the style of tests used today, the "pee on a stick" method. Their innovation was the last of its kind regarding introducing a new type.

Edwards believes it is time for a change. Lia research discovered the most important change women wanted when it came to pregnancy testing was more privacy. Women, especially those that are not in the most ideal of situations, want a private test and that does not exist now. Yes, there are steps you can take such as hiding it or throwing it out, but those do not guarantee your privacy 100%.

Lia's new design will function as a regular pregnancy test. Two pink lines show that the user is pregnant, one pink line indicates they are not. But as opposed to having a plastic applicator that can't be flushed, this test is made from toilet paper-like material that is entirely flushable. The new test is not only great for women's privacy but also will help save the environment. All materials used in the test are earth friendly and can degrade on their own.

There is no official release date for the flushable pregnancy test, but Edwards shared it has been FDA approved. The next step for the brand is finding a company that can produce the product. Hopefully, we will see this new test on drugstore shelves very soon.


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