Maryland Baby Once Taken Off Life Support Is About To Celebrate Her First Birthday

Phoenix was taken off of life support at eight months old and given six hours to live. Later this month, she will celebrate her first birthday.

The decisions to remove a friend or loved one from life support as there is nothing more that can be done for them is one of the hardest decisions a person will ever have to make. It is a heartbreaking choice when that person is 80 years old, so just imagine how horrible it must be for a parent trying to decide whether it is worth putting their child through any more pain.

It was a heartwrenching decision Monique Goldring was forced to make earlier this year. Her daughter Phoenix was born with a heart defect which that means she is unable to circulate oxygenated blood around her body, explains CNN. By the time Phoenix was just two months old, she had already undergone two of four surgeries needed to save her life.

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Five months later, when blood started to pour from Phoenix's nose, Monique rushed her to the hospital. On the way there, the little one turned blue and stopped breathing. The brain damage Phoenix suffered between then and being resuscitated meant that she needed a ventilator to help her breathe. Monique eventually asked doctors to remove the ventilator due to how tired her daughter looked.

At that point, doctors explained to Monique that within six hours, Phoenix would pass away. Four months later, and Phoenix is still with us and preparing to celebrate her first birthday on August 25. "From that point on, she just continued to thrive," Monique explained. The mom is also planning to celebrate her first birthday in the same way that any parent would for their child.

Sadly, this happy story does not yet have a happy ending. Phoenix is far from being out of the woods. Doctors still don't believe she is strong enough to survive the other two surgeries she needs, and she is fast approaching a time when she will outgrow the shunt which was placed when Phoenix was two months old. Monique remains hopeful though, and you can help her and Phoenix's family with her medical bills via their GoFundMe page.

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