What Is the LifeVac? & How Can It Help In A Choking Emergency?

**Before I begin, I think it is very important to note that I am just a writer for BabyGaga. BabyGaga is in no way saying that this product will absolutely save your child's life in case of choking. This is a product for worse case scenarios! Please continue to practice safe eating habits **

I was scrolling through Facebook trying to pass the time while I nursed my sweet little baby girl. I came across a product called the LifeVac and I clicked on the ad. Usually, I don't click on sponsored ads on Facebook but this one caught my eye because it said, "Another Life Saved." I had many questions like, what is the product? Who's life was saved? How was the life saved? How many lives has this product saved? I was very interested. I clicked on the LifeVac link. LifeVac's mission is to Save a Life in a Chocking Emergency. Right on their main page, it shows that the LifeVac has saved 37 lives so far!

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There is an option in an airway obstruction emergency if the protocol is unsuccessful. LifeVac can be used on anyone, by...

Posted by LifeVac USA on Sunday, October 27, 2019

This product really caught my eye because I have four beautiful children. I have personally had to administer the Heimlich on my children about 7 times collectively. I could have lost my children multiple times if I wasn't educated in the life-saving maneuver. It is very important for parents to be educated in basic first aid and to understand the Heimlich as  well as basic C.P.R tactics. My first child choked on everything. He wouldn't chew things. He would just try to bite and swallow! He constantly had me on edge. I remember only one time that I legitimately thought I was going to have to call 9-1-1 and I thought we were going to lose my sweet 8-month-old son. The thought of losing one of my children to a choking incident is one of my fears. As a News writer for BabyGaga I have come across way too many stories of children choking to death waiting for emergency responders or emergency responders arriving just in time to save the child's life. Once I came across this product I wondered, could those children have been saved if they had the LifeVac? Of course, we don't know the answer to this question, but it begs the question.

LifeVac never tells you to have their product in place of calling 9-1-1, but if you are waiting for emergency responders and you have tried to do the Heimlich and you are just waiting around then it might be a better option to have this product so you don't have to just watch your sweet baby choke! The really amazing part of their website is that they have a tab that shares all of the people who have been saved by using this product! You can check out all of the success stories here! When I had first seen this product I thought, why would you need this? Why don't you just learn how to do the Heimlich? The sad part is, sometimes the object is too lodged or in a direction that makes it really hard to get out even with the proper technique. I read one story where a little 11-month-old named Oscar was choking and his parents -two registered nurses- could not get the item out of his throat. They used the LifeVac and it saved his life! I was very impressed.

When we got the LifeVac I took it out and started explaining how to use it to my children. I had my three oldest children lay down on the ground and I showed them how to use it. I told them that it was not a toy and I explained why we would use the product. My four year old said, "mom, I hope I never have to use that!" I completely agree kid! I hope we never have to use it! I used the mask on myself to show them how to use it and the suction is amazing! The instructions are very simple. Cover their mouth with the appropriately sized mask, push down on the LifeVac and then release. The intention is for the lodged item to be suctioned up out of the throat!

I hope we never have to use this product but I love having it in my kitchen just in case anything does happen. The LifeVac will join us on our family outings and I will tell everybody where it is if they ever babysit my children. I am going to definitely encourage my family and friends to buy this product.

**This product does not take the place of good eating habits. Foods should be cut up appropriately. Foods such as grapes and hotdogs are especially dangerous if they are not cut properly. Children should always be monitored while they eat and small objects should be kept up high from smaller children. If your child is choking then you should try the Heilmlick and then use your LifeVac.**

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