Lily Aldridge Points To The Importance Of Self Care In Sharing Her Pregnancy Beauty Routine

In a video released by Vogue Magazine, supermodel Lily Aldridge walked us through her pregnancy beauty routine. Lily is eight months along on her second pregnancy and showcased her all-natural minimalistic approach to maternity makeup.

The model emphasizes self-care throughout her routine, reminding us that moms need to prioritize themselves and “cut as many corners as you can,” as she puts it. Lily switches her regular beauty products out for all-natural alternatives during pregnancy, emphasizing the importance of organic and gentle ingredients throughout the video. She makes use of products from Kora Organics, a line created by fellow supermodel Miranda Kerr.

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Lily begins with a face mask with lotus flower particles in it and reminds women to put on their necks too, “because people see that.” Next, she steps back to reveal her belly bump, and applies Hatch Mama’s hydrating belly mask, infused with aloe vera and profolis. The contents of the belly sheet mask are supposed to prevent stretch marks, but as Lily notes, “The fact is, I got stretch marks from my last pregnancy [and] I’ll probably [still] get them from this one. And that’s beautiful and part of the journey!” What a lovely sentiment that so many new mothers can relate to, especially coming from a supermodel.

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The 33-year-old continues walking us through her routine, including lip balm, a face roller, and moisturizer. She jokingly emphasizes keeping her cheekbones alive as long as she can, using a subtle contour. Also with her signature silly sense of humor, she explains how she applies cocoa butter everywhere that’s growing, saying that’s everywhere. She finishes up with a spritz of rose water to keep her feeling calm and serene.

New moms can appreciate a step by step guide like this one, coming from a top model. Her beauty secrets might help other women out there shine their brightest. It’s also so refreshing how honest and real she is about the strains of pregnancy and motherhood, rather than trying to present herself as flawless.

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