North Carolina Girl Announced As New Gerber Baby

Gerber just announced their 2019 Gerber "Spokesbaby" and she is the cutest little baby girl from North Carolina.


Every year, hundreds of thousands of parents send in pictures of their beautiful children to Gerber. Each parent hopes that their child will be chosen to be the Gerber "spokesbaby". This year, Gerber received over 600,000 applications of parents wanting their children to be the new Gerber baby. As the winner of the Gerber baby, the child picked gets to be in Gerber advertisements. The Gerber baby also wins  $50,000 cash, as well as $1,500 in Gerber apparel and bedding. The parents also get to tell people their their child is the cutest baby, according to Gerber.

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Little Kairi was announced on February 26 as the Gerber baby of the year! She is a cute little 15 month old baby from North Carolina. She is beautiful and sweet. Kairi has made history as the first Gerber baby to be from Hmong decent.

VIA Virginia First

Gerber sees tons of beautiful and wonderful looking babies each year. President and CEO of Gerber, Bill Partyka, said that they chose Kairi because the look she had in her eyes. Partyka said that the look she had in the winning shot helps us all to remember to look at the future through a child's eyes. Kairi really spoke to him and that is why she was chosen. Kairi's parents said that they really debated whether or not to enter her into the competition. They were hesitant, but they knew even if she didn't win the Gerber baby of the year that she would still be a winner in their eyes.

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Kairi currently lives in a home full of a lot of family and a lot of love. She lives in North Carolina with her parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. They are all so proud of baby Kairi on being chosen as the Gerber baby of the year! We all would like to say congratulations to little Kairi and hope you enjoy your year as Gerber Baby!


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