Living in the Now: 10 Powerful Tips for Mommy-Mindfulness

Being mindful is important for all people to do on a regular basis, especially an on-the-go mom! However, it can be hard to stop, be aware, and focus on the present when there are feedings, diaper changes, school schedules, preparations for meals, practices, nap times, social events and other aspects of life that keep mothers busy.

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In order for mommies out there to practice mindfulness, we suggest the following 10 tips that are listed out down below for everyone. Some of them require mental strength, others involve including others, and all of them are powerful techniques that will help moms be even better.

10 Start The Day Off Strong

How a day begins can help set the tone, so it's vital for mothers to try and start it all off on a high note! Of course, this will look different for everyone, and it may involve having a cup of coffee (or two or three) before everyone else wakes up, catching up on a TV show, going for a run, picking up the house or getting in some extra zzzs.

One would be amazed at how just setting aside a little bit of personal time at the beginning of each day can help the rest go smoothly.

9 Breathe

Moms have one of the most stressful jobs out there, and there are always new challenges and stressors. That being said, remember to breathe!

This may sound basic, but it can be a real struggle for many, especially when anxiety, stress, and work are present… and these things can certainly be really real for moms. So while going about the day, remember to take moments to stop, to focus, to collect oneself and to breathe.

8 Ask For Help

Speaking of stress… It's okay for mamas to ask for help, but this is another thing that can be hard for some to do. Other parents talk about having it all together, social media posts show off picture-perfect families, and personal expectations exist in minds. No one is perfect, though, and everyone needs a support system, especially busy mothers out there. So in order to practice mindfulness even further, remember to ask for help when the load gets to be too heavy.

7 Work Out

Mindfulness comes in all types of shapes and sizes and styles, but working out can be a great technique; it can relieve stress, it can help a person focus on the present time, and it can shake and melt struggles away.

Therefore, many people have to get in daily workouts, which is wonderful, since physical fitness is a necessary part of life. Be sure to soak up all the benefits by going to a yoga class, lifting weights, dancing, walking around the block and/or so on.

6 Meditate

On a similar note, mothers can meditate in order to be and stay mindful. Meditating can be difficult, as it requires stepping away from everything and quieting the mind. Practicing this regularly, though, can be a beneficial step towards a less stressful and more conscious life.

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Plus, in today’s day and age, there are apps, websites, and classes that guide people through it all, and one can start with just a couple of minutes or even seconds before working their way up to a longer length of meditation time.

5 Keep Breathing

It needs to be said again: Keep breathing! As soon as that first kid wakes up in the morning, it is time for non-stop action for moms. The meals and the bathroom visits and the various schedules and the temper tantrums… It can certainly be a lot.

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Remember the benefits of mindfulness, though. Remember why a family was started in the first place. Remember to stay calm, to think before reacting and to stay well and healthy, physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and beyond.

4 Check In On Yourself

Similarly, mothers need to check in on themselves regularly. When is the last time I ate? How much water have I had today? Is there time to lie down with Kid #2 before Kid #1 gets home from school?

Did I schedule a babysitter for this weekend, so that date night can actually happen? Has anyone noticed that I ate the rest of the cookies? Can I go hide in the closet and eat some more? All of this and more is important to think about, parents!

3 Have Me Time

After having check-in time, mamas need to have me time, too. Based on the answers to the questions above (and to similar questions), a person can then decide how to best act going forward.

This could be something small, such as pouring an extra cup of coffee during a baby’s nap time, or it could be something big, like having happy hour with friends or going away on a trip. Yes, it can be hard to step away from family and a home, but everyone needs breaks, so don’t feel guilty; a person has to help oneself before they can fully help others!

2 Count Blessings

Mindfulness is all about being aware, and there is definitely something for moms to be aware of: their blessings. From happy houses and pretty decorations to healthy loved ones and supportive friends… From neat skills and a cool car to basic necessities like food and water…

There is so much for which to be thankful, and counting up all of this awesomeness can be a form of mindfulness. Furthermore, it just is so great to be reminded of all the good things in life. 

1 Treasure Every Moment

And finally, mothers need to treasure every moment (the good, the bad and the ugly). Will there be days where everything goes wrong? Of course. Will a family faces struggles and challenges? Yes. But will there be times when a mom just looks around and feels so grateful for such a beautiful family and life? Absolutely.

So keep up the good work, moms. Know how appreciative everyone is to have moms around. And continue to breathe, thrive and be.

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