Living With Beyonce: 23 Ways Queen B Raises Her Children

Beyoncé is one of the most well-known, well loved and well demanded celebrities in the world today. No matter how busy her life is though, one thing is made clear, she will always make time for her three children.

Beyoncé first started dating her now-husband Jay-Z, while working together on one of their collaboration songs in 2003, called Bonnie & Clyde. On April 4, 2008, the pair married in a non-publicized event with just some close family and friends.

After some time and heartbreak, Queen B finally gave birth to her first child with Jay-Z, a daughter named Blue Ivy Carter, born January 7, 2012. Fast forward a few years, and she gives birth to two more kids, twins Rumi and Sir Carter, on June 13, 2017.

Now, when it comes to their private life, Jay-Z and Beyoncé are known to keep things hush, hush. Over the years, they have become a little more relaxed, but when it comes to their kids, one thing is for sure, she doesn’t show them to the public until they are ready to.

Unlike a lot of high-demand celebrities with kids, Beyoncé is one mamma who would rather do things on her own, then to have a team of nannies around raising her children. Now, there are times where she will hire some to help her out, but most of the time though, she is very hands-on with them.

One thing is for sure, Beyoncé is the definition of a supermom. She has defiantly proven that one can have a highly demanding career while being a hands-on parent. Keep scrolling to learn 23 ways that she raises her children.

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23 She Likes To Dress Like Them


One thing is for sure, when a mother and daughter duo dress alike, it is the cutest thing in the world (well... sometimes). In Beyoncé’s case, it is something that a lot of people live for.

By dressing alike, it really shows the world how close a mom is with her children.

According to bestnews.com, when Beyoncé and Blue Ivy decide to dress up together, they do it respectively and they are not only twinning in clothes, but all together.

It is pretty obvious that Beyoncé is going to be doing this for as long as she can. Before she knows it, Blue Ivy is going to outgrow her dress-up time and soon, just find the whole thing embarrassing. Sigh, teenagers.

22 She Lets Her Kids Do Whatever They Want


Now, when one reads this title, the first thing that probably comes to mind is that by allowing a child to do what they want, they are creating a spoiled kid, especially one that is rich and famous (like Blue Ivy).

According to bestnews.com though, this is not the case for this little starlet. Her style, her personality and all that jazz that she brings to the table is all her own and she is proving all the critics wrong who thought she would turn out totally different being a child of Beyoncé and Jay-Z. S

21 She Has No Fear Of Nursing Them In Public


For those fans who are obsessed with Beyoncé, it is not news that she is a big feminist and supporter of gender equality.

According to bestnews.com though, Beyoncé took it to the next level when she decided to nurse Blue Ivy when she was a baby out in public.

Although the act received both good and bad reviews, it did not matter to her and she could care less what people thought. The only thing that mattered is that her child was hungry, and she needed to feed her.

A lot of fans were proud of her for not caring what all the naysayers thought.

20 She Likes To Take A Hands-On Approach


Typically, it is not unheard of to hear or see a starlet as big as Beyoncé surrounded by a team of nannies to help raise her children for her. Celebrities like her do have a career that is not only tiring, but highly demanding.

According to bestnews.com though, Beyoncé would rather be there to do most things for herself than to see nannies doing them. She takes a hands-on approach when it comes to her three kids and if she does need help, she has Blue Ivy who is right there willing to help her mom out with her twin brother and sister.

Apparently Beyoncé actually runs a tight ship. When it comes to staff and nannies who help her with her estate and children, everything must be straight, buttoned up and to her liking. She has no fear of firing someone. Just look at the lighting person who was fired because he messed up during one of her shows...

19 She Lets Blue-Ivy Bid On Charity Pieces


It is hard to imagine letting a child as young as Blue Ivy bid on something that is more than a couple dollars. For Beyoncé though, nothing is too costly for her children, especially when it benefits charity.

According to bestnews.com, early in the year 2018, Blue Ivy was seen bidding $19,000 on a water color Sidney Poitier painting at the Wearable Art Gala. If it wasn’t for Tyler Perry bidding $20,000 on that same painting, she probably would have won it. She did win a Samuel Levi Jones painting later that same night, which she wound up bidding $10,000 on.

It was all for charity though, which makes it all worth it. Seeing Beyoncé and Jay-Z allowing their child to bid that much on a piece of art like that is pretty awesome. Most kids her age would want toys or something, not a piece of art.

18 She Has No Problem Changing A Diaper


When it comes to motherhood, it is not uncommon to hear that a mother actually likes changing her child’s diaper. For example, Snooki actually admitted that she likes the smell of her son's you-know-what when he was first born.

Well, according to bestnews.com, Beyoncé is another celeb who gets excited about changing her children’s diapers. In fact, not only does she get excited, but her husband Jay-Z also gets excited when it is time to change the babies.

During an interview with Anderson Cooper, Beyoncé said, “I love it. I love every moment of it, it’s so beautiful. I love it all.” She really has embraced motherhood and all that it has to offer.

17 She Is Trying To Trademark Blue-Ivy's Name


This one actually sounds a bit ridiculous, but it is true, well at least for Blue Ivy’s name at least.

According to bestnews.com, Beyoncé has been going back-and-forth with a woman in a legal battle due to her owning an event planning company that has the same name as Beyoncé’s first born, Blue Ivy. Beyoncé wants her daughter to be the only one with the name and wants to trademark it so no one else can use it.

It is unclear right now where they are in the case, but fans probably know that when it comes to the Queen B, she will not go down without a fight and will spend millions to make it happen.

Now, the question is, will she do the same thing with her twins Rumi and Sir?

16 She Does Have Nannies For Some Things


Earlier it was stated that Beyoncé is more of a hands-on mamma and doesn’t really allow her children to be raised by nannies.

According to bestnews.com though, there are times where she bends and allows them to help, like when she is traveling for work or on tour. Even a superwoman like Bey needs a break every now and then.

When it comes to her children, Beyoncé will allow nannies to step in and do some of the heavy lifting, but there are rules that they must follow; they must be bilingual, so they can teach the children different languages, and they must sign a handbook before they are hired, which is basically a rule book.

One would say that it is all worth seeing as they get paid $100,000 a year just to work with the Queen and her King.

15 She Takes Them Everywhere


When it comes to Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s children, one thing for sure is that they are pretty lucky, seeing as they get to travel the world with their parents and see everything that it has to offer.

According to bestnews.com, be it for work or just a family vacation, Beyoncé makes sure to take her children everywhere she goes. Her children have more passport stamps than most grown adults.

Another benefit to being the children of two big time celebrities is that they get to travel via private plane. How awesome is that?

Blue Ivy has already gotten the benefit of traveling to not only Paris, but also Italy and a few other exotic places.

They really are blessed.

14 She Loves To Take Them Shopping


Fans of Beyoncé already know that when it comes to her children, they are not lacking in the fashion department, especially Blue Ivy who is starting to be a little fashionista just like her mother.

According to bestnews.com, Beyoncé loves to take her mini me, Blue Ivy, out shopping with her all the time. One of Blue Ivy’s nannies even mentioned one time, “Blue has an affinity for high-end designers such as Gucci, Lilly Pulitzer, and Dolce & Gabbana, and will make sure her little brother and sister have the same taste. She’s always picking out cute clothes for them.”

This comes as no surprise. We wouldn’t expect anything less from a child of the Queen B. One good thing from this though is that Blue Ivy is wiling to share her knowledge of fashion with her little brother and sister.

13 She Keeps Them Out Of The Public Eye Until They Are Ready


Being in the public eye, especially for children, can be rough. It is no wonder why Beyoncé has made the decision for her children not to allow them in the public eye until they are ready.

According to bestnews.com, since the twins’ birth in 2017, fans have barely gotten a glimpse of them, and when we did it was because Beyoncé allowed it. The same happened when Blue Ivy was born in 2012.

Plus, it's a well-known fact that Beyoncé is very clever at hiding her pregnancy up until she can't anymore, and she then announces it in a big way.

12 She Makes Sure They Have Nothing But Luxury


Just like any parent with a child, they want them to have everything they could ever want or need. All they want is the best for their child and for them to never be without.

According to bestnews.com, Beyoncé is one parent who makes sure that her children of the highest quality of items and experiences. From their education, to their trips, to their clothes and even their toys. They have it all and it's all thanks to their parents' highly successful careers.

11 She Makes Sure They Are Humble, Polite, And Grateful


Beyoncé may shower her children with everything they could want and only the highest quality of items, but she has made it clear that her children are in no way spoiled.

According to bestnews.com, though Beyoncé and her husband Jay-Z might give their children only the very best, they also make sure they are raised to be humble and grateful of all the experiences and joys they get to experience and receive.

Beyoncé has shown no sign throughout her career of being one of those celebrities who is a total diva and spends her fortune carelessly.

10 She Is Always There For Them


So, it is obvious that when it comes to a child, one should never mess with them unless they want to feel the wrath of mamma bear.

According to bestnews.com, Beyoncé’s children are no exception. Mess with them, or even say one little negative comment about her children, and Beyoncé will not only be an upset mamma bear who will make that person’s life a mess, but she will also have millions of fans who will have her back.

There is nothing like a mother’s wrath when it comes to her children, and Beyoncé is defiantly a force.

9 Her Kids Always Come First


Now, it is common knowledge that Beyoncé and Jay-Z have some busy careers. They are always on the go and traveling, and their kids are right there alongside them for every adventure they go on.

According to bestnews.com, no amount of work, or travel, would make Beyoncé miss her children’s birthday. When the twins' first birthday came around, family and close friends traveled all the way to Europe, where they were for Jay-Z’s world tour, and they celebrated by having an intimate party.

It is an amazing thing to see Beyoncé and Jay-Z, as busy as they are, take time out of their schedules to celebrate the day that their children came into the world.

8 Self-Confidence Is Key


Growing up in a world like today's, it is hard for children to have confidence. There is always that one person that can say the wrong thing, or just be all-around hateful and take pleasure in saying hateful things, and completely tear down someone’s self-confidence, especially if they are famous or are known because of their famous parents.

According to bestnews.com, one thing Beyoncé makes sure to do is to teach her children self-confidence. When it comes to her daughter Blue Ivy, the two have an amazing mother/daughter bond and she makes sure to teach her that she is the most beautiful little girl in the world.

7 She Takes Them To Work With Her


Be it in the studio, on stage accepting an award, or in the dance studio practicing for her next music video, Beyoncé makes sure her children are there watching her and seeing how hard she is working to provide them with everything they want and need.

According to bestnews.com, Blue Ivy is always there for her, cheering her mother on. From the Grammy Awards, to the MTV Video Music Awards, and even the coveted Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award, Blue Ivy is always right up front or backstage cheering for her mother and being the proudest little girl in the world.

Seeing her this proud of her mother in public makes fans wonder how she is in private.

6 She Takes All Three When She Goes On Tour

E! News

Being on tour is hard. Different cities, different gigs, lots of different hotel rooms and traveling from here to there, it is rough. Having children can make it even rougher.

According to bestnews.com, Beyoncé is one mamma who makes sure to take all three of her children with them wherever her and Jay-Z go.

It is pretty awesome that they take them on tour with them. The kids are able to see the world and even get to stop at some pretty luxurious sights on the way.

5 She Makes Sure They Are Cultured


One thing Beyoncé makes sure to do with her children is to make sure they have the best education money can buy. From their studies to even having their staff be bilingual so they can teach them different languages, these kids really do have the best education any child could have.

According to bestnews.com, one thing that Beyoncé wants to make sure is that her children are cultured and so she makes sure they stop at all the museums they can go to when traveling. She wants them to embrace new cultures, learn how others do things, and how far we have come and how others are not as lucky as they are.

Though the twins are a little young to understand all of this, Blue Ivy is not, and she makes sure she knows it all.

4 She Loves To Include Them In Her Music


There is no denying that Beyonce loves her children. So much so, that according to bestnews.com, she evens makes sure to include them in her music.

From her song God Made you Beautiful, to her song Blue, she never misses a chance to tell Blue Ivy how much she loves her. Blue even got the chance to appear in her music video Mi Gente and Formation. There was also that cameo in her dad’s song Family Feud.

It is only a matter of time before the pair start to include the twins in their songs too, once they are older of course. For now though, they really are making Blue feel special.

3 She Raises Them Without Gender Roles


Back in the day, it was always pink for girls, blue for boys, and brown or yellow as a neutral color for both. Nowadays though, times are changing, and so are people’s views on the whole pink-and-blue tradition.

According to marketwatch.com, there are several celebrities who have been removing traditional gender roles. In a September issue of Vogue, Beyoncé admitted that she was among those who have chosen to break free of the gender tradition and to raise her three children without gender roles.

“They don’t have to be a certain type or fit into a specific category,” the superstar said. “They can explore any religion, fall in love with any race, and love who they want to love.”

2 She Tries To Allow Them To Have A Normal Childhood


It seems that when it comes to children who grow up in the spotlight, they tend to grow up a little too fast and sadly miss out on the joys of being a child. As hard as it is to understand though, they are not normal children, as much as they may want to be.

According to therichest.com though, Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s number one priority is to make sure their children get to experience all the joys of childhood and to just feel like normal children. They want to let them go to regular schools, experience what other kids their age are experiencing and just surround them with children their own age.

She wants them to go outside and play, build their own tree fort, make money selling lemonade at a homemade lemonade stand and to have fun filled playdates and sleepovers with all their little friends.

One thing is for sure, when it comes to Queen B’s kids, she does not want them to feel isolated just because they have famous parents.

1 She Gives Them Lots Of Kisses And Cuddles


So, we all know that once a child hits a certain age, they begin to pull away and not want anything to do with hugs and kisses from their parents anymore.

According to therichest.com, Beyoncé is one parent who believes that one should hug and kiss their child as much as possible before they hit that age where it will be nearly impossible to ever get another hug or kiss from them again.

Beyoncé believes that hugging and kissing her children whenever possible helps to build a strong bond between the family, and just overall feels amazing to be able to have that quality mother/child time with her babies.

Sources: bestnews.com, marketwatch.com, therichest.com

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