Living With Cameron: 20 Ways Diaz Runs Her Household

Word still isn’t in on whether or not Cameron Diaz is actually expecting a baby with her hubby Benji Madden, but plenty of reports state that the pair are eager to become parents. Beyond sporting a baby bump or planning a nursery, though, what are Cameron’s thoughts on parenting and household management in general?

The now-retired star has a lot of opinions on everything from living healthily to how parents (and society) should treat babies. And while she may not be holding a little bundle in her arms yet, odds are it will happen soon enough, whether it’s the conventional route or via adoption or another option. She and Benji have been married since 2015, and though they’ve mostly kept mum on the subject, word on the street is that the pair can’t wait to become parents.

And fortunately, fans don’t have to question what kind of mama Cameron will be if that’s what’s in her and Benji’s plans (and in the stars for the couple). From starring in films about mamas and parenting to reflecting on her own life and childhood, here are 20 ways Cam is prepared to parent in her household—and how she’s already running things.

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20 Family Is Everything

Ok Magazine

Though Cameron’s father passed away long before she and Benji got married, it’s clear that Cameron’s family means a lot to her—and that includes her sister-in-law, Nicole Ritchie, and her niece and nephew from Nicole’s marriage to Joel Madden. Not only is Cameron close with Nicole—her BFF actually introduced Cam to her now-hubby—but she’s also taken on more of a role in the lives of Harlow and Sparrow. The three ladies even go shopping together.

And if you didn’t know already, Cam has a sister named Chimene, and she’s been photographed on a ladies’ day with her sis and her sister’s daughter, too.

19 Friendships Come First


Cameron is nothing if not a devoted friend, as evidenced by her long-lasting friendships with other faces in the industry. She’s been close with Drew Barrymore for ages, and she even ended a radio interview once because the interviewer said some not-so-nice things about Drew’s past. Clearly, Cameron is fiercely loyal and is not afraid to stand up for her friends, regardless of the consequences. And her devoted nature has kept her out of the headlines, too—when’s the last time you saw her name splashed in the tabloids for anything other than baby-related news?

Yep, like we said—she’s got character.

18 Love Tops Work


Some sources say that Cameron “retired” from acting in 2014, and it’s true that her last film was Annie in that same year. Oddly enough, she married Benji Madden in January of 2015—and she noted in an interview that she and Benji were only engaged for three months. Evidently, meeting Benji, falling in love, and getting married changed Cam’s views on work and all the traveling it required. Obviously, this leading lady is set for life as far as income goes, so it makes sense that she traded jetting to film sets for staying at home with her husband.

Then again, she’s not just staying home, either.

17 Focus On The Environment


Over the years, Cameron has remained active environmentally, including her support of the first Prius hybrids rolled out by Toyota. She’s also attended climate change events and supported campaigns to clean up the planet. And although tabloids are keen to suggest Cameron’s [only] dream in life is to have kids, Yahoo quoted her as having said, “We have plenty of people on this planet” in the past. She seems to be suggesting that her environmentalist beliefs extend to family planning—at least to some extent. But at least we know that if she has kids, she’ll keep driving that Prius—or another hybrid—as long as she’s able!

16 Volunteerism Matters


In addition to her activism for the environment, Cameron also speaks out to help assist veterans. Her Wikipedia page lists her involvement in the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America organization, which is a non-profit that helps support veterans. She’s spoken out on behalf of military families, too, advocating for more services and support for those who have served in the United States military.

But that wasn’t enough for Cam’s altruistic nature: Look to the Stars notes that she also started her own foundation in 2001 to donate to organizations that help children, animals, and more. Obviously, she and her hubby are charitable people who would pass that quality on to any kiddos.

15 Pets Are People, Too…

Lipstick Alley

While Cameron has said that she’s not strictly opposed to having children, she’s also fine with not having them. At the same time, she has adopted quite a few loved ones to help take up space in her and Benji’s home! At last count, Cameron had four dogs, although it’s rare to see her photographed with all of them. She has been snapped shopping at pet stores for her precious pooches, though, and it’s obvious that Cameron is an animal lover. She’s also shared a pic on IG of one of her pooches “giving his notes” on a draft of one of her books.

14 … Including This One


Though she’s never been photographed with him, Benji Madden’s Wikipedia page says he has a pet Bengal cat named Danzig. Obviously with Cameron’s love of animals, she doesn’t mind having this “ferocious” critter as part of their household menagerie. We can only assume that their dogs get along with Danzig, or maybe the pets have separate living quarters. With the resources Benji and Cam have, they could even build the pets their own digs!

But whatever happens with Cam and Benji’s future—kids or no—the pets will remain in the forefront in terms of getting showered with love and affection from their owners… I mean, their mom and dad!

13 Healthy Eating Habits Happen


Whether or not Cameron’s going to be having a baby (or two, or more), she’s got a mind for healthy eating already. In the past, she’s been vegetarian and even vegan, but these days, she admits she’s got a soft spot for cheese… and carbs… Still, although she admits she indulges sometimes, eating healthy is a big part of Cam’s routine.

In her book The Body Book, Cameron explains that she meal preps once per week, and that’s to keep tabs on what she’s eating and how nutritious her meals are. Sounds like a great idea, and something that plenty of moms wish they had time for!

12 Fitness Surrounds Her


Also in Cameron’s book, Marie Claire highlights, she explains that she loves going to the gym and enjoys getting all sweaty. Alright then… But hey, that’s a great thing to encourage in your household—especially since she used to have a few vices (but that was pre-Charlie’s Angels) and struggled to treat her body right. Of course, it doesn’t take a drastic introduction to martial arts, such as the Angels had, to turn your life and your fitness around. And you have to admire that despite her many demanding roles in film, Cam’s never lost that appreciation for fitness and staying healthy.

11 Money Isn’t Everything


Remember when we said that Cameron Diaz is officially retired from the acting business (or so she says… we can still hope)? Even though she’s probably set for life at this point, thanks to her many roles in blockbuster films, she hasn’t just moved to her own island and embarked on a never-ending vacation. Instead, she’s remained committed to her living her best life, and that includes those charitable pursuits we previously mentioned. It also refers to the fact that Cam has authored two books, both about inspiring people to live their best lives, no matter who they are or what their job is.

10 Life Has No Timelines


In Yahoo’s rundown of everything Cameron Diaz has been quoted as saying about motherhood, she says a few times that whatever happens, happens. She did say that she originally thought she’d be like her mom, married with two kids by age 21, but that there were “still so many things” she wanted to do at that point. After that, she continued, “I never put another time line on anything in my life.” This is a great attitude to have—not only in terms of experiencing motherhood, but also in terms of it being “too late” to do what you’ve always dreamed of.

Clearly, Cam wanted to write—so she did what she wanted, even if it didn’t necessarily become her new professional path.

9 It Takes A Village


Not only does Cam maintain close relationships with her nieces and nephews—she says that collectively, and we know she’s got both her sister’s and her sister-in-law’s kids under her wing—but she also has “a ton of children” in her life.

Yahoo pulled this quote from one of the interviews Cam gave back in 2014: “I can have a kid any second, if I want. All of my friends would be like, ‘Sure, come and get them.’” It sounds like whether or not Cam has her own children, she’s got plenty of little ones to love on—and she recognizes that it truly takes a village to raise them.

8 She Blazes Her Own Path


One of the things that’s so unique about Cameron Diaz is that despite all the judgmental comments by tabloids and fans alike, she still stays true to herself. In another quote about family life, Yahoo noted, Cameron said,

“I’m living, not thinking what I should or shouldn’t be doing with my life. … We live in a society where everyone has kids, so they want other people to have kids. There is this culture that says celebrities are supposed to be just like us… But I’m not going to do something because it’s expected. If a family happens, then it happens. If children come to me, then I would do that, but I’m not someone who feels like she has to do something because it’s expected.”

7 Age Isn’t Even A Number

The Body Book

In Cameron’s book, she talks about how aging doesn’t worry her. In fact, she says that it’s a privilege to get older, and that it’s a bonus after living a healthy life. So if you start out with a healthy foundation, you can expect to be mobile and fit and healthy into your “golden” years. Still, she says, it’s not about appearances. And, she even said in her book that she feels “better and stronger and more capable now” than she did when she was younger.

So clearly, if she wanted a child, that’s something she could totally do—regardless of other people’s perceptions about her being an “old” mom.

6 Moving With Purpose

My Talk 107.1

There’s no room for sloth in Cameron Diaz’s household, which she made clear in her book. She says that she likes to move with purpose, Marie Claire highlights, and that she doesn’t like to wait around to get things done. If she needs something, she goes to get it, if she wants to talk to someone, she tracks them down. We can imagine that makes it tough for Benji to relax at home—but hey, she’s said they’re the perfect match, so maybe he’s similarly inclined!

At the same time, her energy is inspiring, so we have no doubts she’d rub off on her hubby.

5 Pep Talks Push Her

NY Daily News

While it’s still up for debate whether Cam and Benji will have kids, we have to say that we think she’d be a great mom for a ton of different reasons. But one of the biggest reasons is because she gives great pep talks. From telling her readers to believe in themselves—and then giving them a reason to—to posting self-care quotes on social media, Cameron is that super peppy cheerleader that gets you motivated to reach your goals.

Besides, as that IG quote said, if you believed in Santa Claus “for like eight years,” you can believe in yourself for five seconds!

4 It’s Not All Self-Love


Although Cameron is really pro-self and thinks that everyone should care for their bodies and their minds, she’s also not into self-indulgence. In her book, she wrote that having discipline is very important both in terms of her physical capabilities and her mental resilience. Her “work” is all the things she needs to do in order to create the life she wants—her work isn’t just her day job.

It sounds like Cam has managed to stay super busy despite not working in film anymore—and she’s still getting a lot done. Obviously her household runs like clockwork, too, given the star’s passion for order and motion.

3 Under The Radar Online


When you look at Cameron’s social media accounts account, it’s almost disappointing. She’s not online often, and when she is, it’s just to share heartwarming fan reactions to her books, or snaps of her and her dog. She only has a little over 100 posts on the social media platform, despite having five and a half million followers! In fact, as of the new year 2019, she hasn’t posted since the 2016 election.

Understandably, Cameron likes to live her life on her terms—and that clearly means not letting fans in on what she’s up to at home or elsewhere. We can respect that… But we’re not happy about it.

2 Growing It Alone


One of Cameron’s last posts before dropping off social media altogether was a summery snap of her garden. It was an image of a cluster of tomatoes still on the vine, with the hashtags #summer and #gardenglory. Obviously Cameron’s appreciation for her body extends to what she puts in it—and you can bet she grows a lot of her own produce so that she knows exactly where her fuel is coming from.

It’s something we should all be inspired to do, truly, but we probably can’t expect quite the results Cam has gotten from adopting this ultra healthy lifestyle! Of course, the lack of fast food probably helps.

1 She Keeps Growing

Us Weekly

And no, we’re not referring to her gardening! Even though Cameron has pulled back from the traditional celeb spotlight, she’s moved in another rewarding and altruistic direction. She now has two book titles under her belt, both of which have earned great reviews from industry experts on aging. And it’s not some new-age gobbledygook that Cameron is spouting—it’s science-backed conclusions based on research. Super impressive for someone whose job often had her posing as a not-so-smart blonde! She’s also grown her “brand” with the books, expanding into a website and blog to offer more solutions for healthier living.

Lady boss goals!

References: Look to the Stars, Marie Claire, Yahoo

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