Living With Jessica Biel: 20 Things She Makes Her Kid Do

Jessica Biel has come a long way since she played older daughter Mary on the family drama 7th Heaven. She told E News that it was tough to play such a straight and narrow type of character: "I just want to cut my hair, and I just want to dye it a different color, and I can't do all these things because I have this contract."

Jessica was on the show from 1996 until 2003, and she started appearing in many movies. She was in 1998's I'll Be Home for Christmas, the 2001 rom-com Summer Catch, 2009's Valentine's Day, and 2012's Playing For Keeps, just to name a few of her roles.

These days, Jessica Biel is mom to three-year-old son Silas and married to famous singer Justin Timberlake. Fans who grew up watching Jessica on 7th Heaven and listening to JT (when he was with *NYSNC and when he went solo) have been so excited to see the couple together. Now that they're parents, it's even more fun to see how they're raising their kid (and they always look really fashionable).

Here's what it's like to live with Jessica Biel. Read on to find out 20 things that she makes her kid do.

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20 It's Always Play Time For Jessica And Silas

ABC News - Go.com

According to Entertainment Tonight Online, Jessica Biel is always up for playtime with her son Silas. This is great to hear since moms know that playtime is such a big part of raising kids.

The actress, who recently stars on the TV show The Sinner, said about motherhood, "You don't have a choice. It's called get in the car, open the front door, and you better be Mom, because nobody cares what you did all day. My work, I leave it at work. I don't bring it home. I mean, yes, I'm exhausted and sometimes I need, like, a glass of wine and to just hang out. But you got to let it go. You have a 2-year-old who just wants to play with you, and that's what's most important."

19 She's Cool With Her Son's Quirks

E! News

Moms know that kids can be quirky and that's part of the magic of motherhood. Your daughter will declare one morning that she wants to eat two oranges for a snack every day (and she's very clear about wanting two, not one). Your son wants to wear red for a week. You're amazed by your children and their little quirks, and you always want to know what they're thinking all the time.

As Jessica Biel told Us Weekly, “He is a total weirdo. But he’s amazing. They’re all weird. They’re like these little, lovely, strange, mini humans and they’re all specific. It’s a completely cute, weird combo.”

18 She Lets Her Son Grow His Hair Super Long

Scary Mommy

Something else that moms should know about how Jessica Biel raises her son is that she lets him grow his hair really long and she doesn't seem like she has taken him to get a haircut in a while.

Do you love Silas's super-long hair? If you do, then you probably would be confused by the fact that a lot of people haven't been big fans of it. According to Aol.com, Jessica faced a lot of negative comments, including one that said, “Please explain me [sic] why a Mother like yourself won’t cut your little boys [sic] hair?? Why????”

Silas looks awesome and cool, and it's too bad that people have to say things like this.

17 She Encourages Her Son To Learn The Right Words


According to Motherly, Jessica Biel has been doing videos for the Tryst Network, and she is teaching her son Silas to use the right words for his body. She said, “We shower together, and [we say], ‘This is what I’ve got. This is what you’ve got.’ We just talk about it."

Since Silas is a toddler, some people were confused and amazed that Jessica Biel was doing this when he's so little, but it does sound like a good idea. If you're a mom, you know that talking about puberty and body parts can be tricky and that there never seems like a good time to bring it up. Starting early could be really smart.

16 She Appreciates Her Own Mom's Wisdom

E! News

Many moms say that they finally understand everything that their own moms said to them (particularly when they were teenagers) once they have children. If you feel this way, then you can probably relate to Jessica Biel sharing that she appreciates all of the wisdom that her mom has.

Aol.com quoted her as saying that she's got a parenting hack: "The hack we use now [is] Grandma."

By saying that her mom is her hack, it sounds like she asks her for advice and maybe asks her to babysit when she's having a particularly busy week. Moms know how helpful that can be.

15 She Teaches Him That She Loves Her Job


When actresses become moms, they're always asked how they manage to work, and sometimes they will have a particularly interesting response. That's the case with Jessica Biel.

She told Redbook magazine that she shows her son that she loves her work. She said, "It’s important for my son to see me as a human being very fulfilled by my work because it’s very much a part of me. I think that that’ll be very beneficial to [Silas] and his life when he’s older — that I didn’t just give my whole life to him. I maintained my own life as well, and that’s important. That’s going to make me a happier person and a better mom." Her words can comfort working moms who love their jobs and being moms equally.

14 She Lets Him Be Himself


Jessica Biel has described Silas as "funny" and "wild" and it definitely sounds like she lets him be himself. She told Redbook magazine that when she and Justin and Silas went to see The Lion King, a girl sitting near them was worried about Simba. She said,'"[Silas] turns around by himself and goes, ‘It’s OK! Simba will be back!’ "He’s definitely a leader. I mean, I think all you really want for your kids is for them to be happy and kind."

How sweet is that story?! Just based on that anecdote alone, you could say that she's doing an amazing job raising her kid.

13 She's Big On Normal Stuff Like Naps And Park Afternoons


When a kid has two parents who are celebrities, what do they do on the weekend? It might seem like their schedule would be fabulous and sophisticated. But in Jessica Biel's house, she makes things as normal as possible, and that includes regular activities like naps and an afternoon at the park.

During a Reddit "Ask Me Anything," she said, "A typical Saturday... up early, breakfast at home... maybe head to a park and play. Everybody naps at nap time. Maybe a playdate in the afternoon. Then mommy and daddy go out on a [...] date. :)" That sounds like a perfect Saturday.

12 She Ate Butter While She Was Breastfeeding Thanks To Her Nanny's Tip


Moms are always looking for tips to be healthier and be better parents. Jessica Biel told Today's Parent that her nanny taught her one really interesting tip: to eat more butter while she was breastfeeding her son Silas.

As Jessica said, “What I learned from Nanny Connie is that there’s no such thing as too much butter when breastfeeding! Butter in oatmeal, butter in rice, butter on steak, butter on skillet toast, butter in coffee. Butter apparently cures." There's a good reason for the butter: As the actress explained, "Turns out, it’s also a crucial part of a child’s brain development.”

11 She Gets Silas To Eat His Veggies In A Creative Way

Bored Panda

Moms know that if there is one tricky thing about raising kids, it's wondering, "Are they finally going to eat some vegetables?" You can probably remember being a picky eater growing up and turning your nose up when your mom tried to get you to eat broccoli for the 10th time that week.

As part of her Reddit AMA, Jessica Biel said that she hides veggies when she cooks and that's how she gets Silas to eat them. She explained, “YES, hide ’em! I hide vegetables in eggs, quiche, stews, soups, smoothies ... I hide vegetables everywhere I possibly can.”

10 She Sets Up Famous Play Dates

E! Online

As Us Weekly reported, Jessica Biel's son plays with Beverly Mitchell's kids. It's nice to hear that the actresses who played siblings Mary and Lucy Camden on 7th Heaven are still close in real life, all of these years later.

Beverly Mitchell has two kids: a son named Hutton and a daughter named Kenzie. When the actress was interviewed by Us Weekly in 2016, she said, "Silas and Hutton are 10 weeks apart! It’s always fun when your best friend has a baby around the same age … It’s fun to be able to share the adventures together." If your own friends had babies at the same time as you, you can totally relate to how amazing that can be.

9 She Found A Smart Way To Help Silas Sleep


When you're a new mom and you learn that your friend's baby is snoozing like a champ, you want to know what's going on. When Jessica Biel was a new mom, she turned to Nanny Connie and a book called The Happiest Baby on the Block by pediatrician Dr. Harvey Karp.

Motherly says, "After a friend gave her a copy of Karp's book, Biel found a lot of success using Karp's "Five S's": swaddling, side, shushing, swinging, and sucking." Jessica told Motherly"I would go through the list of the five Ss, and just check. Tried that. Okay, not that one. Not that one." Oh, that one. In an hour, it's different, or maybe you start to see a pattern."

8 She Shows Her Son That She Still Takes Care Of Herself


When you're a mom, it can feel like there is no time left in the day to look after yourself, but you quickly learn that's a fast way to get burnt out and feel pretty bad.

Something else that moms should know about how Jessica Biel raises her son is that she makes sure to take care of herself. According to Today.com, this was her advice: “You get put at the end of the totem pole all of the time. You’re just trying to get your job done. Then you go home, and you try to get your job done. You wake up, and your job is still going. So, make sure to take the time to celebrate moments that rejuvenate us and bring us back to who we are as people. I think it’s an important thing that we all need to do as a culture and take more time for ourselves."

7 She's All About A Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free Lifestyle


Jessica Biel follows a gluten-free, dairy-free lifestyle, and she makes healthy meals for her son, too.

She told Health magazine about what the family eats on the weekend (and it sounds pretty dreamy): "We’ll start off with Paleo pancakes with some cashew or almond butter on top with some local honey, and we like chicken-apple sausage, and then maybe a fresh juice from the Juicero machine, which we love, we have some green tea with honey — that’s a pretty normal morning for me." She has also said that she feels amazing not eating gluten and dairy, so this seems to really work for her.

6 She Would Rather Silas Doesn't Become A Famous Singer Like Dad JT

Daily News

Jessica Biel has said that she doesn't really want her son to become a famous singer just like Justin Timberlake. This is a pretty common question that celebrities often get, and so many have the same answer: It's important to them that their children have a regular childhood.

According to USA Today, she said that it's the rejection of the industry that worries her: "He's constantly surrounded by music and the arts, so it's a very good possibility that he's going to be interested in those things." She added, "So more than the art itself, it's the surrounding elements that as a parent, you'd be worried for your kid. You'd want them to be supported and happy, and not criticized. But that's the nature of the beast, really."

5 She's Showing Her Son The World


Last August, Jessica and Justin took Silas to Europe, and the actress posted some beautiful photos from the vacation on her social media account. It definitely seems like she is making sure that she shows her son the world.

It's easy to look at celebrity moms and be envious because they have the means to go on fancy vacations, but it's true that kids don't need anything super fancy in order to have fun. Moms can take their kids on a weekend trip somewhere nearby and they can still learn something new and have a great time. Spending quality time together is what counts.

4 She Believes In Date Nights So She And JT Can Be Better Parents


New moms agree that date nights are great... when you can set them up, that is. There isn't always time and it's not always possible.

When Jessica Biel was a new mom and she started working with her nanny, she learned one big tip: to go on regular date nights. Babyology quoted the actress as saying,  “She consoled my husband and me when we were tortured by sleepless nights and were zombies of our former selves. She held my hand and head as I sobbed and ached through postpartum. She forced us out of the house for date nights because it was important to connect again as adults.” (Tell your partner that you need a date night because Jessica and JT said so.)

3 She Only Lets Her Son Watch Golf

Vanity Fair

It can be tough to decide how much TV your kid can watch, especially when they're really little. What does Silas watch on TV? It sounds like Jessica Biel only has her son watch sports... and a specific type of sports at that.

According to Martha Stewart Weddings, he only watches golf: She said of him and his famous dad, "They like to sit and watch golf together. The only TV that Silas is allowed to watch is the Golf Channel, which is really funny." She also said about Silas, "He's a mini Justin, it's his style. He's got, like, a daddy swagger." Silas and Justin watching golf together must be too adorable for words.

2 It Sounds Like Jessica And JT Want A Normal Childhood For Silas (In Montana)


Many celebrity moms say that they want their kid to have a regular childhood, but it sounds like this is one famous mama who really and truly means it.

According to Vanity Fair, Jessica and Justin have a place in Montana, and that's where they want to bring their son a lot. They have an "estate" at a club in Big Sky, Montana called Yellowstone Club. Vanity Fair said, "So, O.K., this isn’t exactly rustic living — it’s a tony private ski resort and real-estate development — but it’s still out there in the mountains of Montana!" Moms can see how getting back to nature and getting away from Hollywood would make sense, and it does sound really nice.

1 She Does What She Has To In Order To Be The Best Mom


It's not always easy to relate to celebrity moms. You don't spend $50 on green juice for the week or go to the latest workout class that everyone else is doing. You're just trying to get through the next few hours without yawning too much, right?

According to Romper, Jessica Biel is really relatable, and she is an amazing mom. It definitely sounds like she does whatever she has to in order to be the best mom. She has been open about the things that she does and she often says that it's all part of "mom life." She has posted photos of herself sleeping in her car and she also says that she eats in the shower on a regular basis.

How can you not love a celebrity who says that she eats in the shower?!

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