Long Island Woman Delivers Baby In Costco Parking Lot

A woman was forced to give birth to her baby in a Costco parking lot after the little one decided to arrive two weeks ahead of schedule.

Most moms-to-be will have a checklist of things they need to do while pregnant in preparation for the arrival of the baby. Setting up the nursery, buying a car seat, stocking up on diapers, that sort of thing. As you edge ever closer to your due date, you will also want to jot down a birthing plan.

A mom's birthing plan includes how she would like the birth to go, and what it will ideally involve. Whether she wants to have an epidural, give birth in water, what music will be playing, that sort of thing. Putting together your list can be calming and pretty idyllic. However, not to throw a spanner in the works, but births aren't guaranteed to go the way you want them to.

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That due date, for example. Did you know that only about 4% of babies actually arrive on their due date? New mom Shantie Krissoondatt clearly wasn't expecting her baby to arrive before that, or at least not a full two weeks before the due date. Shantie and her fiancé were out in the car when the former frantically announced that the baby was coming.

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"She pretty much said, 'The baby's coming so call 911,'" Lakharam told New York Newsday. The couple pulled into a Costco parking lot where they were soon met and aided by officers and a police medic. Not too long after that, their daughter arrived. Mom and baby were then transferred to the nearby South Nassau Communities Hospital where they are doing well.

We're not saying that you should wait in the house or at the emergency room once your baby's due date is near, but just bear in mind that birth plans often don't go the way you envision. Also, your birth plan going awry isn't necessarily a bad thing. Shantie obviously never thought she would give birth in a parking lot, but even though she did, everything else about the birth went smoothly and the baby is absolutely fine.

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