LOOK: Twinning Celeb Mamas and Babies

LOOK: Twinning Celeb Mamas and Babies

These celebrity moms and their kids twinning are simply the best things you’ll see all day.

It’s already natural for kids to resemble their parents. That’s just genetics for you. It’s also natural for kids to want to ape their parents. It’s how they learn-- by doing what mommy and daddy do. Depending on what mommy and daddy do this could result in a house fire, but most of the time it’s just adorable.

What’s even more adorable is dressing up your toddler to look exactly like you. Then when they start mimicking with that adorable sense of accomplishment it’ll take the internet by storm.

Such is the case with these celebrity moms and their even cuter kids. Some of them might not be toddlers, but no matter what their age, these kids prove that there’s a little bit of our parents in all of us.

Or a lot of our parents.

Coco and Chanel

via Instagram

Coco Austin recently went on vacay in the Bahamas and brought her daughter Chanel along with her. And according to the Instagram caption, she really loved the beach! "Chanel didn't like the sand at first and was cautious of the water but now I can't get her out!"

Coco and Ioni

coco rocha
via getty images

Coco Rocha's daughter Ioni definitely takes after her supermodel mom, even donning paired outfits while they walk down the runway during Paris Fashion Week. How they managed to get Ioni to sit still long enough to get her hair done up like that is a mystery that only a Canadian mother would know.

Kim and North

Kim North
via getty images

Kim Kardashian showed off daughter North in matching cat ears. Although this was taken before Kim's trip to Japan, maybe she'll bring North along with her someday.


Reese and Ava

Reese Ava
via People

Which one is Reese and which one is daughter Ava? It's hard to tell with the two Witherspoons sporting matching bouquets and smiles. This shot was taken to promote Reese's clothing line, Draper James, and there's nothing like a celebrity clone-- er that is, celebrity daughter to help with sales.

Demi and Rumer

Demi and Rumer
via People

This one is just downright eerie. Demi Moore and daughter Rumer Willis take twinning to a completely new level. "That moment when you realize you actually are becoming your mother #twinning #imnotmad," Rumer wrote on Instagram for the photo.


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