10 Ways To Lose The Post-Pregnant Bulge

There is a wonderful build-up to the hour of birth. As things culminate towards the summit of pregnancy - childbirth - you as a mom might feel emotional, heavy, tired... but there will be an expectancy in your heart as you anticipate meeting your new special person. However, after reaching this summit, and giving birth, it might feel like a downward spiral in the next few days. Your hormones might be all over the place and tiredness could color your days.

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Know that there is no pressure to lose the "baby weight" by any set time, or even at all. However, some moms tend to feel rather disconnected from their self after giving birth and getting back a body that is more familiar to them can help them feel like themselves again. If you want to lose that post-baby weight, consider these tips!

10 Push That Pram

Prams are an incredible way to lull babies and toddlers to complacency. They love the steady motion of the pram, and hearing your voice cheer them on, with your appreciative 'Who's the best baby?' and 'How is Mommy's little angel?' comments.

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Your body will also love the exercise the pram-pushing gives you. Why not connect with other moms who also have babies and start a stroller club. You can walk through the neighbourhood or around your townhouse complex. It will be a great way to lose weight accumulated during pregnancy.

9 Community Walks And Runs

You've given birth recently and you probably won't want to launch into long distance marathons straight away. However, there are many ways to get walking and running which will help you to get moving again.

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Many communities hold fun runs and walks, and these often allow for different distances to be covered, so that you can decide how brave you want to be in tackling your new fitness adventure. What's great about these is that they allow you to take baby/toddler along in a 'race pram'. Go on and see it for yourself. You will find many other parents huffing and puffing to the finish line, pushing a stream-lined pram.

8 Cut Back On Sugary Drinks

This one step can make all the difference to your weight and health. Consuming sugary drink after sugary drink will leave its toll on your health.

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Instead, opt for water or herbal teas between meals. This might be a huge adjustment to make but cutting back on soda will truly make a difference. Allow yourself to indulge every now and then but don't make soda a part of your daily routine.

7 Consider Breastfeeding

One of the best ways to lose weight after giving birth is to breast feed your newborn. This might feel tiresome and taxing, however, it is good for both baby and for you. It's a great way to bond with your child and help you burn off some excess calories.

It is important to note that breastfeeding is not possible for all mothers, and that that is okay. Don't let anyone shame you for the way in which you choose to feed your child. After all, fed is best.

6 Up Your Veggie Intake

Eating more greens and veggies will leave you feeling full and when you are full, you are less likely to reach for calorie dense snacks late at night. There are many delicious treats you can make using healthy vegetables, like vegetable soup, salads, stir fries, wraps... These will also keep you feeling strong and strengthen your immunity.

And, you will look and feel great! A certain measure of planning might also be necessary to incorporate more vegetables into your daily meal plan. Aim to include a veggie or fruit with each main meal, and ditch unhealthy snacks, opting for fruit and veggies instead.

5 Plan Your Meals

If you want to lose a certain amount of weight within a set period of time, tracking what you eat and planning your meals ahead of time can be a great solution. This will mean sitting down on a Sunday and considering the week ahead, then determining what you will eat each day for that week. This method is also time and budget-friendly!

If you are unsure as to how to commence with this, enlist the services of a dietician or nutritionist to help you out. Usually, as a rule of thumb, a quarter of your plate should be carbs, one quarter protein, and half, veggies. Aim for quality, non-refined carbs, and chicken, lean meat and fish varieties for super health.

4 Don't Skip Meals (Especially Breakfast)

While eating might seem to contradict the notion of weight loss, it is vital you eat - the right stuff. Breakfast eaters are generally healthier since they start the day off energized and are less likely to snack throughout the morning ( and people who skip meals are most likely to reach for high-calorie snacks.)

A good breakfast will also put you in the right frame of mind for the rest of the day and you will more than likely make healthier food choices.

3 Dance

Dancing is a great way to lift your energy and interact with your child. Put some music on in your home and simply move to the music. Your toddler or baby will love it.

If you aren't great at freestyle, why not buy a dance DVD and go through the moves for 20 to 30 minutes each day. Through engaging your mind, body and heart in dance, you will emerge a stronger and healthier mom.

2 Set Goals

Without goals, you might have a bit more difficulty sticking to a health and fitness plan. Vision drives people forward and you will need a vision for your new health and fitness campaign.

Determine the reasons why you want to get fit and healthy and then set measurable, time-constrained, realistic, reachable goals, reflecting these in your weekly and daily planning journal.

1 Wake Up An Hour Earlier

This hour is like a mental golden hour in that it gives you time to yourself you wouldn't otherwise have had. Initially, you might feel exhausted doing this - that is, waking up earlier- but it will soon become habit and you will realize consistently waking up an hour earlier to exercise and plan your day, will start to energize the rest of your day.

You will have better focus and make better choices. Ultimately, you will become a healthier and happier you.

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