Woman Who Lost 11 Babies During Pregnancy Hits Back At Internet Trolls

Samantha Rowe bravely confronts those leaving her mean comments about her miscarriages. She recently shared her story of her struggles with pregnancy for Pregnancy and Infant Loss Month, and internet users have villainized her for something she couldn’t control. Despite all the nasty negative feedback, she doesn’t regret sharing her story.

Earlier this month, Rowe shared her story with 7News. She was pregnant 11 times, but each one was not successful; she would find out they were stillborn, or she miscarried. At 40-years-old, the Melbourne native has gone through 11 stillbirths and miscarriages, and they have really taken a toll on her and her partner, Paul Lyons. Through her experiences, she hopes to help break the stigma surrounding the conversation around infant loss, but internet trolls had a different idea.

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After her story gained attention, some users felt the need to leave nasty comments. People were calling Rowe a serial killer because of the amount of miscarriages she had. Many were telling her she’s selfish for trying again and again to have a baby when each one resulted in a stillbirth. Some even went to the extent of telling her it’s God’s sign that she shouldn’t ever have children. A few nastier comments were joking about her serious situation: “lost 11 babes—did they look under the lounge cushion? Maybe check the linen cupboards?”

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Rowe, understandably, had to take a break from social media after all the backlash. However, she has come back, and she wants these trolls to know the truth: it’s difficult to deal with pregnancies, miscarriages, adoption, and surrogacy, and this is precisely why we should be talking about them more.

In reality, adoption and surrogacy are lengthy and expensive processes. The assumption that it’s easy to turn to alternatives is false, and Rowe wants these trolls to know that. In Australia, it costs about $150,000 on average to have a surrogate, and adoption waitlists average around three years. Even though they’re eager to have children, realities of the situation make it quite difficult.

Rowe knows she’s not alone in her experiences, so she wants others who are going through something similar to know the same. All the negative rhetoric around miscarriages, pregnancy complications, and stillbirths don’t help, so she wants to continue sharing her story even if there are some horrendous people on the internet.

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