Lucy Mecklenburgh Surprised To Discover She Has Bright "Orange" Breastmilk

Lucy Mecklenburgh, 28, is pregnant for the first time with a baby boy. She's currently in her second trimester of pregnancy. Recently, the celebrity discussed some of her unexpected pregnancy symptoms, which has included discovering that her breast milk is 'bright orange' in colour.

The former TOWIE star and her actor fiancé, Ryan Thomas, 35, became engaged this June during a trip to Italy's Amalfi Coast.  They made their pregnancy announcement in August. On  her Instagram story this Tuesday, Lucy disclosed the pregnancy struggle she has had since her body is already producing orange colostrum - a mother's first milk. Colostrum is typically a golden yellow color and is usually produced after the mother gives birth; however, it can sometimes leak during pregnancy.

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Along with this uncomfortable symptom, she also shared the other hardships she has been experiencing, like back pain, which is a usual concern for most in the third trimester. Lucy is two-thirds through her second trimester, meaning her baby's gestational age is 24 to 27 weeks. The fitness entrepreneur believes these symptoms are too early to occur at this point of pregnancy, but they are normal in the third trimester.

Lucy wrote on her Instagram story, "Helppp Pregnancy back pain. is there anything I can do to ease it? I expected this in the 3rd tri but not yet. I'm experiencing a lot of things a lot earlier than expected!!! Bright orange Colostrum was another treat."

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Lucy is due in three months, and even though her son hasn't been born yet, she's already planning for his future wife! The fitness diva's best friend, Lydia Bright, 29, is also pregnant. They both are just a week apart in their due dates, and Lydia is expecting a baby girl. So the duo planned out that they want their kids to be married when they grow up. Lydia is expecting a baby girl with her ex-boyfriend, Lee Cronin, and she recently shared her hopes that Lucy's little boy will marry her daughter.

She told Closer magazine, "Oh God, it's definitely amazing to share this experience with my best friend." The day after she called Lucy to share her news, she too called back to share the same big news. And it was "such a big thing" for both of them to travel the same boat. As Lydia fell pregnant pretty quickly, it was a massive shock for her.

However, the two best-friends enjoyed sitting at night trying to their heads around becoming mums. She laughed, "We've said they might end up dating in the future! We've also said they could be husband and wife one day - but then we're so close we thought that might be quite weird because they'll probably end up growing up like cousins."

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Both of the friends starred in TOWIE in 2010, which led them to procure reality careers through the fame gained by Lucy and Lydia

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