Luke Bryan Heaps Praise On His Wife’s Parenting Style

Luke Bryan shares how amazing his wife is and she is the best mother ever!

Something that people don't know about Luke Bryan and his wife, Caroline, is that they are a blended family. In 2014, Luke and Caroline became parents to their nieces and nephew after losing their parents in two separate accidents. The couple left behind three adorable children Kris, Jordan, and Til. Luke and Caroline did not think twice to add the children into their family and help raise the kids with their own children. They added their two nieces and their nephew into their existing family of two children. Together Luke and Caroline share children Bo and Tate.

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Luke is constantly praising his wife about how amazing she is and how great of a parent she is to the five kids that they are raising. "I do it with my wife, hand in hand," Bryan beamed while giving a nod to Caroline while on the TODAY Show. "The work that she puts in with the children ... I mean, it's just amazing. I look at her phone, and it's just pinging and vibrating and going off constantly, and it's the children. She's really stepped in and just crushed that role at being someone for them.” Luke knows how hard his wife works and he is so proud of her for jumping into the role as a mother of 5 children flawlessly.

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Caroline makes this whole motherhood thing look really easy, but she said that it is certainly not easy. She puts on a front, but being a mother is very hard. Especially with five children, three of which who have gone through such a trying time. Caroline shares that being a mother is more of a roller coaster than she would like to admit. “Trust me, there are times when I just lose my s—," Caroline shared. "Sometimes I just go sit in the shower and cry. I struggle with Luke being gone all the time and how to make everybody happy... Our family thing is, you can take two paths in life: one of being bitter and angry, or one of I’m gonna find the happiness in this and make the best of something that’s horrible.”

The family has just really been through a lot and we can't imagine the tragedy. Luke lost his sister in 2007 in a death that was unknown. Luke's brother-in-law went on to raise their children as a single father for 7 years and then he passed away in a car accident. That left the children without parents and losing their parents within 7 years. We feel so sorry for those children and Luke and Caroline are trying to give them the best life even through all of the tragedy.

Luke shares that it is important for him to recognize when he is having good days and bad days. He says if he knows that he is having a bad day then he knows that he needs to be more conscientious about his words and his actions. He doesn't want to take his bad days out on the children. Both Luke and Caroline are just trying to do their best and raise kids who will be great adults. They have all had a really tough life, but they are trying to work through it the best as possible.

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