Luna Reacts To Having A Baby Brother

Ever since John Legend and Chrissy Teigen announced the birth of their son Miles Theodore, fans can’t get enough information about the little guy. However, that doesn’t mean fans have forgotten about little Luna. In fact, since her little brother was born, fans have been asking the now mother of two what her daughter thinks of the family’s new addition.

Thanks to her daddy making a red carpet appearance for an Emmy event earlier this week, we all know just what Luna thinks of Miles and it is perfection.

Our new love, Miles Theodore Stephens

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“Luna’s used to having us to herself. I think she’s just starting to realize though that he might be competition. So in some ways it’s good because she’s stepping her game up. She’s being more loving, she’s singing louder, and dancing harder. She’s making sure we don’t stop paying attention to her,” shared the All of Me singer.


This new bit of information comes after Teigen has given her many followers a couple of glimpses into her new life as a mother of two.

Teigen posted a photo of her son, which was adorable. She then followed up again on Instagram with a photo of herself nursing Miles, as Luna played the harp in the background.

Throughout her second pregnancy both Legend and Teigen have talked about how they were preparing Luna for having a baby around. However, as her dad pointed out a few weeks ago, the toddler really had no idea how her life was going to change. Now that Miles is here, it looks like Luna is doing everything she can to make sure her little brother doesn’t steal her thunder too much.

As Chrissy Teigen and John Legend assure Luna that life with a baby Miles is okay, fans will likely be privy to all the fun antics along the way. Both are very vocal on social media and based on how Legend claims Luna is dealing with the new family member, we can only guess there will be some awesome stories coming from the couple.

We cannot wait to hear what happens next with Luna and baby Miles!


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