10 Magical Baby Names Inspired By Your Favorite Disney Characters


One of the most exciting things aspects of being an expectant parent is picking out a name for the new bundle of joy. Moms and dads-to-be draw inspiration from the most unexpected places. This list is a compilation of monikers inspired by Disney characters. We all grew up loving Walt Disney’s cartoon family and there are so many cute options.

From beloved characters to some of the newer cast members, the perfect name is just waiting to be found in the wonderful world of Disney. Please enjoy this list of 10 magical baby names inspired by your favorite Disney characters.

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10 Ariel


Disney lovers will absolutely fall in love with the name Ariel. It’s the perfect choice for fans of the beloved film The Little Mermaid. Any little girl would feel special knowing that she was named after a mermaid. Who wouldn’t want their daughter have such an enchanting start to life?

Ariel is a name of Hebrew origin and means "lion of God". It ranked #154 on Nameberry’s popularity charts so it’s fairly common yet still manages to be unique. The moniker also found a place on the Bible Names For Girls list. Parents would be smart to call dibs on this one.

9 Oliver


A cute name boy inspired by a character in a Disney film would be Oliver. This one was taken from the 1988 animated movie, Oliver and Company, which was a twist on the classic “Oliver Twist”. Cat lovers will be attracted to this moniker because it was the name of the adorable orphaned kitty, who is the lead character in the cartoon.

Oliver is of Latin origin and means “olive tree”. It placed #5 on Nameberry’s 2018 popularity charts so it’s totally holding its own. Be sure to claim this one before any of your friends do.

8 Jasmine


A delicate girl name that would be an awesome option for Disney-loving parents would be Jasmine. This moniker was inspired by the film Aladdin, which featured Princess Jasmine. The recent live-action version has brought about a resurgence of this one so it’s steadily rising on the charts.

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Jasmine is of Persian origin and ranked #136 on Nameberry’s popularity charts and was a contender on the Flower Names for Baby list. Floral names are on-trend right now so any little girl given this title would fit right in with the crowd. Although, it’s just exotic enough to make her feel special.

7 Sebastian


Sebastian is a name that Disney fans might recognize from the animated film, The Little Mermaid. We’ve drawn inspiration from Sebastian the fun-loving crab who was charged by Triton to keep up with Ariel. This moniker is adorable but has a certain sophistication that will totally grow up with any little guy.

The name Sebastian is of Greek, Latin origin and it means "person from the ancient city of Sebasta". It ranked #18 on Nameberry’s popularity charts and found its place on the Vintage Baby Names list. A cute shortened version of this title would be “Seb”.

6 Belle


Parents who adore all things Disney will swoon over the name Belle. Inspired by the heroine of the film Beauty and the Beast, this one would suit any little girl who might crave adventure in life. It’s feminine without being too sweet, which would be perfect for a spunky gal.

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Belle is of French origin and means "beautiful". It is ranked #859 on Nameberry’s popularity charts so it’s not very common but we think it’s poised to have a comeback in a big way. It can also be found on the Vintage Baby Names list. Belle is just too dainty to pass up.

5 Mickey


Hardcore Disney fans could opt to name their son after the most famous mouse in the world. Why shouldn’t they name their son after Mickey Mouse? Walt Disney created the animated character in 1928 so this name would be an instant classic.

Mickey is of Hebrew origin and means "who is like God?". It’s also a diminutive of the name Michael. According to Names.org, this one found a place on the charts in the early 1900s and saw a huge spike in the 1960s. Parents haven’t been choosing this one for some time so it’s just waiting to be snatched up.

4 Aurora

sleeping beauty

Parents who want to give their daughter an ethereal name inspired by a Disney character will fall in love with the name Aurora. This one was inspired by the Princess in the animated classic, Sleeping Beauty. A little girl given this name will have her head in the clouds, for sure.

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Aurora is a girl's name of Latin origin meaning "dawn". According to Names.org, the title first originated on the charts in the early 1900s but didn’t see much action until there was a huge spike in 2017. More and more expectant moms and dads are currently choosing this dreamy moniker.

3 Hudson


Another option that the Disney-lover might like for their son is the name Hudson. We drew inspiration from Doc Hudson, the retired race car driver and local judge from the film, Cars. This one could also give a wink to New York City because of the Hudson River, located in Manhatten.

Hudson is a boy's name of English origin meaning "Hugh's son". It ranks #54 on Nameberry’s popularity chart. We think that it has a cool, hipster vibe to it. Since it’s not very common, it would be a distinctive choice for the most discerning parents.

2 Daisy


Looking for a super sassy Disney name for a little girl? Look no further than the classic character, Daisy Duck. She was one of Walt Disney’s original characters and is full zest. From her cheerful smile to her flirtatious eyelashes, a little girl named Daisy would charm everyone she meets.

Daisy is a girl's name of English origin and it means “Diminutive of Margaret or flower name”. This one also found a place on Nameberry’s Flower Names for Babies list. It ranked #169 on the popularity charts so it’s just unique enough to ensure that she’ll be the only one named Daisy on the playground.

1 Woody


A solid name for a boy that would give a nod to a Disney character would be Woody. Named after the cowboy doll in Toy Story, this moniker is somehow cute and manly at the same time. If parents are hoping to give their kid a good ol’ southern name, this one would be a fun option.

Woody is of English origin and is a diminutive of Woodrow, which means "row of houses by a wood". According to Names.org, this one had its heyday on the charts in the 1950s. We think it has an “old man, cool” vibe that makes it feel very current.

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