Research Shows The Majority Of Parents Are Making This Car Seat Mistake

Car seat safety is vital for all parents and children. Now, as it turns out, a majority of parents are making one grave mistake when it comes to car seat safety, and they do not even realize it.

The Journal of Pediatrics recently did a study discovering that 95% of all parents are making some sort of error when installing a car seat. Although that number is shocking, what is even more interesting about the study is that an astonishing 86% are making the exact same mistake.

Surprisingly, the mistake being made is not with the actual installation of the car seat but rather the correct positioning of the infant in the car seat. The study consisted of 291 parents ranging in age from 24 to 35. Certified child passenger safety technicians carefully monitored the participants as they not only installed the car seat but also placed their infants in them.

Concerns regarding how an infant laid in the car seats came as the study revealed parents were placing the baby's head too high, with the baby more upright then the little one should be. The study's author, Dr. Benjamin Hoffman explained that when a baby is placed at an angle of recline that is incorrect, it can result in injuries. If the child is placed too upright, his or her head can flop around which is not safe at all.

The chest clip is also an issue regardless of how old the child may be. If the clip is too low, it can cause the baby to slip down resulting in injuries and in some severe cases strangulation. However, the flipside is if it is too high and an accident occurs, it can hurt the little one's chest making breathing difficult.

What is the answer for parents to ensure they are placing their children in the car seat accurately? The best solution is to take a class. Many hospitals offer them as part of a series of new parent courses. Second, practice with a doll before your baby is born. Get used to placing your little one in the correct position, so you don't develop a bad habit from the start.

Car seat safety is so important. Parents, please make sure you know the ins and outs of it all before placing your infant in them. Some dangers can occur even if the child is never involved in a car crash.


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