How To Make A ‘Busy Board’ To Keep Your Baby Entertained

DISCLAIMER: Please supervise baby at all times when playing with the busy board. Do not continue to use if pieces fall off or become hazardous. Do not include items that could be choking hazards. 

According to a recent study performed by Microsoft, the average adult human has an attention span of 8 seconds. In the year 2000, it was 12 seconds. If we've still got your attention, this is not a good sign. So you can just imagine what's it like for a brand new human aka a baby or toddler. They are almost impossible to keep occupied. Before they are mobile, they like to grab anything within reach and possibly throw it and once they are mobile, watch out, world- anything's game.

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But can you really blame these little ones? The world is so new and they just want to explore it. That's why busy boards are such a wonderful compromise, Life Hacker recommends. It gives them just what they want. Let's face it, they would have gone in search of doohickeys and thingamabobs and what-its anyway. Why not just give it them in a safe and controlled manner to ensure a choking hazard free play experience? Win-win!

Your adventure-bound kiddo will get their sensory fill with all kinds of unusual touchable items that they don't have in their crib or bed, while you'll get kudos for being a super awesome and organized mama. The great thing about making a busy board is that you can get started right away using things that you've already got taking up space at home.

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All that you'll need is a nice smooth piece of (preferably polished) wood. but even a good ol' hefty piece of cardboard will do in a pinch! Just make sure that, when mounting objects, nothing can be pulled off by your adventurous little one to be swallowed.

Also make sure that when the board is propped up, it won'nt fall down on the baby. Likewise, ensure the baby cannot pull it down or crawl around to the underside, as they may be poked by the sharp 'mounted sides.'

Now that that's out of the way, let's have some fun. You can use ribbons, mesh tubing, buckles, chain locks, door knockers, fidget spinners, calculates, zippers, velcro, squeakers, sample carpet squares, bells, ribbons or anything else that is safe, sensory, fun, and catches your fancy. You can also create a mini busy board to take with you and baby on trips or just out and about to keep the baby occupied. Think of it as baby's first iPad!


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