Male Birth Control Pill Is Closer To Becoming A Reality

Women rejoice a male birth control pill is getting very close to becoming a reality.

According to CBS News, a recent study conducted by Dr. Stephanie Page from the University of Washington on a male birth control pill showed it could be closer to a reality than people ever imagined. The pill, which mimics testosterone, was safe when given daily for a month. It also lowered testosterone levels with little or no change in mood or sexual function at the end of the month of testing.

How does the male birth control pill work exactly? Well hormones from the brain stimulate the production of testosterone and sperm in men. Therefore, the pill works to block those hormones, which will then lower testosterone levels with the expectation it will shut down sperm production.

"The brain, which is important in sex drive, maintain muscle, all of those important male characteristics are maintained by the hormone that we're giving the men. So we know we need to really block sperm production, so the key here is really bringing down the sperm concentrations to very minuscule levels," Page shared regarding her findings from the study.

Next up in terms of making a male birth control pill a reality is another step in the study. Page revealed the next part of the study is vital. A group will need to see if the pill not only lowers testosterone, but also lowers sperm count enough to be an effective form of contraception on a daily basis.

If the next step in the study proves to be effective, then the male birth control pill could be a reality soon. However, even it does become a legit form of contraceptive that doesn’t necessarily mean everyone is on board with men taking it. As one Twitter user pointed out men are not so good at remembering things, should such an important pill be left to men? But women Twitter appear to be fine with men taking over the responsibility for contraceptives.

What do you think about the possibility a male birth control pill could be a reality soon? Is it a good or bad idea?

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