Mamas Making Money In This Side Gig Economy

By now, you might have caught on that I've got money on my mind. Since leaving my 9-to-5, I've been thinking of creative ways I can make a buck or two without submitting to the torture of an office job. (Wow, let me tell you how I really feel about it!) In all honesty, I'm a little kooky to have a boss that I have to report to. It's probably best that I've been finding a few great ways to be my own boss. No, I won't be repping MLMs here - not because most people don't make money in MLMs, but because I'd rather focus on gigs that keep most of the money you're bringing in your own pocket. Because it's a side gig, it shouldn't interfere with your commitments to your family - so a flexible schedule is a must. Without further ado: An Incomplete, Non-Definitive List of Really Cool Side Gigs That Honor Your Job As A Stay-At-Home-Mom.

Wag Or Rover

This is a great option if you've got a pet of your own at home, or even if you just love animals. Essentially, these apps allow pet-parents to hire freelance dog walkers. The app makes it easy to schedule walks and get paid without having to give out your personal contact information - a safety feature I really appreciate! Plus, this gig can double as a workout (extra steps!) or even a way to get the kids out of the house. Start practicing pushing your double stroller while holding onto a leash and you're halfway there!

Uber Or Lyft

Caveat here: I personally feel like this is the least safe of these options. Lyft and Uber both log driver and rider info in the app, so if anything were to happen to you, the company would at least know who you were with at the time. One of my friends actually drives for Uber after her son goes to bed. Having a little extra spending money is a huge plus, and she also likes getting to meet some pretty interesting characters!

Classic Babysitting

I love this option if you're going to stay at home with your kid or kids! If you can keep it casual, something you do for a friend of a friend, you don't need to worry about the overhead of a formal inspected facility or state inspection and certification. Even just taking one kid on per month at $40 per day (or about $5/hr for a whole workday) brings in an extra $800 per month! Heck, that's more than enough to cover groceries, gas, and Netflix! Best of all, you're helping another mom by providing affordable childcare! In a funny way, you dropping out of the workforce means that another mom can stay in it!

Become A Creator

This one takes a bit of business savvy - including a solid business proposal. The upside? You can do literally anything. I know women who have made careers out of making jewelry, clothes, custom tumblers, custom logo decals, graphic design projects, and crafting. What I like about this is that it allows you to pursue something you love and make money out of that time! Who doesn't want to get paid to do something they love?

So many women have found that it's impossible to stay in the workforce and raise a family. There's no judgment here - I'm one of them! But just because you don't have a boss doesn't mean you can't be a boss - your own boss, making your own money. Get paid, mama!


What ways have you found to bring in cash in this side gig economy? How many hours do you spend working on a side job in an average week? Tell me all about it on Twitter @pi3sugarpi3. 

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