Man Abandoned At Atlanta Hotel Reunites With Family 75 Years Later

In the summer of 1944, a baby boy was found healthy and abandoned in a hotel room. 75 years later that baby, now an elderly man, meets the family he never knew.

A baby was found left alone on July 2, 1944, by a maid in an Atlanta hotel. He had been left bundled in the center of the bed along with formula and instructions on how to feed him. The discovery of this baby made front-page news and gripped the city. The baby was taken to the hospital and transferred to a boarding home. He was then fostered by Frank and Eloise Cole who adopted him and named him Richard.

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Richard Cole grew up knowing he was adopted by was told that his father died in the war and his mother was killed in a car accident. Speaking with an Atlanta news affiliate Cole revealed, "I don't think I ever believed that. But it didn't matter. That was who I was." He lived a happy life marrying twice and having two children. Cole and his family settled in Kennesaw, GA where he worked in IT for a few decades before opening a bird feed business. Cole is now retired and enjoys traveling.

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Richard Cole Via WSB

When beginning his travels, Cole had a hard time getting a passport due to an amended birth certificate and decided to figure out where he came from. After some digging, he found all of the newspaper articles detailing the circumstances about how he was found. Cole turned to a few DNA tests to see if he could find any clue to where he came from.

In Iowa, nurse Pamela Williams also took a DNA test but hers was just for fun. A few months later, she received a call that she may have a relative in Georgia. She thought it was a scam at first but eventually, she reached out to Cole.

That's how the two half-siblings met. Cole's father was named Wayne Earl Brooks. He fathered Pamela in 1946 with wife Janice Anderson. But Pamela hadn't known he was married first. Brooks also has three other children Nina, Cheryl, and Michael with Ruth Durbin. They hadn't known about the first marriage either.

Cheryl Brooks, Nina McDevitt, Pamela Anderson, and Richard Cole Via Richard Cole

The marriage between Wayne Brooks and Mildred Benton was a short one. Mildred found herself pregnant during her senior year of high school and married Brooks soon after. She left Brooks to marry another man a year later. Somewhere in between these relationships, a beautiful blonde, only 18, Mildred checked into the Robert Fulton Hotel in Atlanta. She came in with a baby and left alone.

She went on to marry a few more times and have a career as an artist. Mildred died three years before Cole met Pamela. Though he never met his mother, Cole is glad and has no hard feelings. He said he would tell Mildred that everything was ok and he turned out fine.

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