Man Charged With Causing A Pregnant Woman’s Death After She Falls From A Moving Car

A man is being charged after he was driving recklessly causing a pregnant woman to be flown from a vehicle. The woman died and her baby is in critical condition.

Helena Broadbent, 32, was a mother to two children. She was also 5 months pregnant with her third child when she fell out of a moving car near Kiwi Retreat which is a suburb of Melbourne. When she fell out of the vehicle she was airlifted to the hospital due to her serious injuries. The doctors performed an emergency c-section to try to save her child. Broadbent later passed away in the hospital because her injuries were just too severe. Her baby is currently still living but is in critical condition and the doctors are unsure whether or not the baby will make it.

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According to the witnesses and the police report, William Wilson was in the middle of an argument with Broadbent. They were fighting in the home and the altercation followed them into the vehicle. Police believe that Wilson was driving dangerously and recklessly which caused the injuries to Broadbent. His matter was heard in absentia at the Melbourne magistrates court on Sunday night, where his lawyers did not apply for bail. He was remanded to remain in custody before a first appearance in court on Wednesday.

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Wilson's attorneys said that Wilson has never been in prison before and this would be the first thing on his criminal record. The lawyers are trying to argue that Wilson was not at fault and the whole thing was just an accident. Paul Broadbent, the victim's brother, shared that she was a mother to two beautiful girls and he can't believe that his sister is gone. He said that she was the best sister anybody could have.

One of Broadbent's neighbors said that it was devastating for their community. The neighbors said that they can't believe that this has happened and they started placing flowers down where the accident occurred to help everybody remember her passing away. Everybody is kind of speechless by the event and they are feeling a lot of sorrow. The little girls are now in custody of their grandmother.

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