Man Helps His Wife Deliver Their Baby While At Home

A couple with six children delivered their seventh baby in the bathroom at home. No it was not planned.

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Curtis and Ashley Bridgman were 8 months pregnant with their seventh child. Ashley started feeling like she was in labor, but she also felt like she might just be having false contractions. She knew her daughter wasn't supposed to be there for another month. Curtis went into his room while Ashley walked away to go with one of their daughters to go cooking. Curtis said that a few minutes later their daughter ran into the room screaming at Curtis, "mommy needs you!" Curtis ran into the bathroom to try to find what was wrong with his wife.

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Curtis found Ashley on the floor and he saw that she had "something" coming out of her. He looked and he was confused, "what is that?" This was his seventh child and he had never seen anything like it before. Apparently the baby was still in the sack. Curtis called 9-1-1, and they delivered their baby right there in the bathroom. The little baby's sack burst as she fully came out.

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The couple delivered their little girl in their bathroom before help could arrive. Curtis quickly grabbed his work boots and ripped off the shoelace. He was able to tie of the umbilical cord and he got the little girl to cry to clear her lungs. The paramedics were able to arrive just after Curtis cut off the umbilical cord. They were able to grab mom and the baby and bring them to the hospital. Mom and baby are doing great and both seem to be very healthy. Curtis and Ashley are so excited to add another baby to their big family. They named their daughter Marvel Nevaeh Bridgman.

Congratulation you guys on your new baby girl! What a fun story to tell her when she gets older. She certainly wanted to make sure that she came into this world in a fun and exciting way.

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