Man Tries To Explain How Many Tampons Women Need Using Math And Promptly Gets Shut Down

Don't worry ladies, a gentleman has kindly mansplained how many tampons you should be using in order to help save some money.

Mansplaining. A relatively new addition to the English language that continues to rear its ugly head in increasingly more preposterous ways. Equality between men and women is quite rightly a hot topic at the moment and although the playing field is gradually becoming more even, some men still have an incessant need to talk down to and condescend women. Hence the need for a word to describe it.

It's bad enough when a man tries to mansplain anything. However, when it is something they do not go through and women do, that truly is a step too far. Periods, for example. Any man who tries to mansplain anything about that process to a woman has got to have some nerve. Nevertheless, an unnamed man has attempted to do so and has deservedly been called out for it on Twitter.


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The gentleman's lengthy message outlines how many tampons he believes a woman needs to buy. Via some incredibly dubious period math, he comes to the conclusion that women should need no more than 90 tampons per year. He then handily points readers to Amazon where you can buy a 64 pack of tampons for £7.90 ($10.48) and to "buy two packs, save on shipping." Cool, thanks for that.

Honestly, we're not even sure where to begin. How about the fact that this mansplainer seems to think women only have nine periods a year? We're not sure what discount calendar he goes by, but last time we checked women get their period once a month and there are 12 months in a year. Plus, don't even get us started on only needing seven tampons per cycle.

Before you say it, I realize the irony of a man writing an article about another man mansplaining periods to women. Trust me when I say that this unnamed math whiz does not speak for us all. I cannot empathize with women when it comes to this topic and neither would I ever try to. I just wanted to highlight the above gentleman's outstanding level of ego and misunderstanding as I too cannot believe he would attempt to explain something he clearly knows nothing about. I look forward to his follow up post revealing that childbirth doesn't really hurt that much.

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