Photo Of Man At The Doctor's Office Caring For A Stranger's Baby Goes Viral

A very nice man helped a struggling young mom by holding her baby while in the doctor's office. The photo has gone viral and all of our faith in humanity has been restored.


Natasha Crittenden Wilson shared on her Facebook an act of kindness that she witnessed by a complete stranger at her doctor's office. Wilson said that she had an appointment at her doctor's office and made it to the waiting room. As she was awaiting her meeting with the doctor a woman walked into the room with a sleeping baby nestled snugly in her arms. The nurse awkwardly handed the woman a clipboard and some paperwork that she was supposed to fill out before meeting with the doctor. The woman was a little bit perplexed as to how to fill out the paperwork while not waking up her sleeping baby.

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A man saw the woman trying to problem solve the situation and he offered to help. The woman thanked him and handed him her sleeping child. Wilson said that the man loved, hugged and snuggled the baby as if the baby were his own. He rocked the baby the entire time while the mother was able to calmly fill out her paperwork.

Wilson loved watching this act of kindness. She knew that he had never interacted with the woman or the child before and yet he was so willing to step up and do the simple act of service. Wilson snapped a picture of the wonderful sweet encounter and said: "my heart melted." She could see the love in the man's eyes for a baby that wasn't even his and the look of gratitude in the mother's eyes.

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This world is filled with so much hate. We see hate, sadness, and despair every single day. What we sometimes forget is how much love, kindness, and compassion there is in this world. We must remember that there is more good than bad. Let us be the good in this world. Let us see the good in this world. This man is that good. We want to give a special thanks and sincere shout out to the man who helped this mother in her time of need. He will never know how much he impacted that woman and the bystanders looking at his generous act.

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