Man Versus Baby Blogger Talks Parenting

While the internet is inundated with mom bloggers sharing valuable tips of how to raise little people, it's not very often that a dad comes along and manages to perfectly encapsulate what parents go through on a day-to-day basis. Matt Coyne, from Sheffield, UK, decided to try writing while his three-month-old son slept. His words about parenting struck a cord with so many that it quickly went viral, leading him to launch his own blog called Man vs. Baby. His blog was so popular it quickly led to a book deal, Man vs. Baby: The Chaos and Comedy of Real-Life Parenting. It became a UK bestseller and has now been released in the US. Matt spoke to Lifehacker about the harsh realities of parenting.


His morning routine, he says, consists of arguing with his "tiny human" about what he would like to eat for breakfast and what he would like to wear for the day. Doesn't that sound familiar? The doting dad also says his tea is usually cold by the time he's managed to swallow a few mouthfuls before rushing out of the door.

When it comes to having a balance between the responsibilities he shares with his partner, Lyndsay, he explains their work schedules dictate a lot. "As a writer, I can work flexibly and at night. I know it's a bit unusual for a man to stay at home and a woman to be the one that works full time, but, in my opinion who should go back to work shouldn't be a decision based on who has the larger breasts". Right on, Matt.

His book is full of advice mixed with the hilarious real-life scenarios that many parents might encounter on the daily. While the success has been welcome, Matt never imagined that as a graphic designer he would turn into a writer. He couldn't believe that his initial post when viral, let alone bring him all of this great success.

Matt believes getting outside help is key when raising kids. According to him, it's best to thank those that send out congratulations when your little ones are born, but really try and focus on who will babysit and who won't. "Everyone else is dead to you" he muses.

You can read more of Matt's tiptop advice by following him on Instagram using the link above.


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