Maren Morris Jokes About Husband Ryan Hurd Having "Last Quiet" Birthday Before Their Baby Comes

Maren Morris helped her husband celebrate his 33rd birthday and she said that this will be their last "quiet" birthday before the baby.

Country music star, Ryan Hurd and his wife, Maren Morris are expecting their first child together. The couple is excited to be able to have a baby. Hurd recently celebrated his 33rd birthday and he said that he was happy to be able to celebrate his last "quiet" birthday before he becomes a father. Maren put a picture of herself showing off her baby bump. She captioned the post, “Happy birthday, babe. the last quiet one you’ll have. 😂👶🏻,”

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She then posted a photo of Hurd where he isn't wearing a shirt. She then writes all of the things that she loves about him. “I love you for your kind heart, for never letting me off the hook when I’m being a brat, for feeding the dogs in the morning so I can sleep in,” she wrote. “For getting spray tans with me because THEY’RE AWESOME, for your dad jokes, for always being on my side and for loving me the way I deserve.”

The couple just announced their pregnancy on October 22 saying that they would be having a sweet baby joining them in March 2020. Morris announced that she was pregnant with a little boy by uploading a sexy picture of herself wearing a nude-colored line wrapped around her while showing her baby bump. Hurd has his forehead pressed against hers with his eyes closed. You can certainly feel the love between these two in all of their pictures.  She captioned her announcement, "The irony is just too rich that after a year of living in the “GIRL” headspace, the universe would give us a baby boy to even things out. See you in 2020, little one. 👶🏻" Hurd hilariously announced on his Instagram stating "My boys can swim!"

We are so excited for the couple and their expecting baby! We can't wait until March! The couple first met back in 2013 when they co-wrote a song for Tim McGraw in Nashville. They became friends instantly and then they went public with their relationship in 2016. The couple was engaged in 2017 and then they got married in March 2018. So their baby will be coming almost exactly two years after they got married where they exchanged "sentimental AF" vows.

Happy Birthday, Hurd! And once again, congratulations to the couple on the baby! We hope that your pregnancy continues to go smoothly and the baby grows big and strong.

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