WWE Superstar Maria Kanellis Gets Candid About Her Pregnancy With Baby Number 2

WWE Superstar Maria Kanellis, 37, is arguably one of the most honest Superstars on the roster. She's unafraid to take to social media to show off her growing family, tell off haters and share the general ups and downs that come with life. She primarily shares whatever is on her mind on Instagram, and her followers continue to appreciate how honest she is.

One of the more popular subjects that comes up on Kanellis' Instagram is her current pregnancy. She and her husband- professional wrestler Mike Kanellis, 34- are expecting a son to join their little girl, 20-month-old Fredrica "Freddie" Bennett. But despite her rather crazy schedule with WWE on top of being a wife and mom, Kanellis is doing her best to handle it all.

More recently, Kanellis posted a beautiful black and white photo on Instagram that had her baby bump on full display. All she had on was a pair of panties while she stood to the side. But it wasn't just an excuse to show off her growing bump; she also opened about how her second pregnancy has been.

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"This pregnancy is different than the last one... I work out less but I am happier, I’m less sore but I have more heartburn/nausea, I’m lazier but I traveled longer and more. I’ve gained weight at the same rate, babies grew at the same rate, and I am equally excited but I’m less nervous. I had postpartum depression with the first so I’m trying to prepare my soul for that this time around. I am just as eager to go back to work but I’m more eager to have my body back. I don’t know what the next year will bring career wise but I know that I have more love, faith, and gratefulness in my heart than ever before. I want to celebrate this time! I want to be thankful!! And I want to just love life!!! Have a beautiful weekend!" she captioned the beautiful Instagram post.

It's clear that Kanellis is doing her best juggling work and her responsibilities as a wife and mother while being pregnant. That's difficult even if you're not on the road almost 300 days a year with WWE. But with all of the above being Kanellis' reality, she's somehow making it work- and she's killing it, too.

Congratulations to the Kanellis' for their impending bundle of joy! We hope he comes into this world as healthy and happy as can be.

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