Marie Osmond Is Requesting Prayers For Her Granddaughter In The NICU

Marie Osmond has reached out to her fans for a very special request. The singer is asking members of the public for prayers as her newborn granddaughter is currently in the NICU. Even though the newborn baby girl prognosis is currently looking good, Osmond is still asking her followers to send many well wishes her way.

According to People Magazine, Osmond's daughter Brianna Blosil Schwep and her husband David Schwep welcomed a baby girl on Thursday. The newborn is the couple’s first child and was born at the Children’s Miracle Network Hospital. Osmond has actually worked with CMN Hospitals in the past, as she helped co-found the non-profit organization. They help raise funds for children’s hospitals and medical research, as well as to help bring community awareness for children in need.

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Osmond took to her Twitter account to reach out to her fans with her very special request. She wrote, “Asking for prayers for my precious granddaughter born this evening 6lbs 10 ounces. So thankful she was able to be taken to children’s ICU in one of our amazing @CMNHospitals #gratitude that she is in their care!”

Osmond also told People in a statement that both her daughter and her granddaughter are doing well, even though the baby is currently in the NICU. While she didn’t reveal too many details on the matter, she did say that the prognosis for their “little angel” is great so far. She also thanks the exceptional team of doctors and nurses who have been working around the clock taking care of her granddaughter.

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I absolutely love this picture, look at my sweet husband and darling grandkids, and now we have two more on the way! It’s so thrilling but I have to be honest with you, when I looked at this picture I thought, “where has time gone? Wasn’t it yesterday these sweet little ones were my own children?” I’m so thrilled my kids are married to wonderful people and have started families of their own, there’s no greater joy on earth... But... Where did the time go? Time is something we talk about ALL THE TIME! For instance: Do you have time? What time is it? Let’s make time. I don’t have time right now. Time is of the essence. It’s time to go! It’s about time! Time’s up! There’s more... but what I do know about time is God gave ALL of us the same amount of minutes in every hour. Those minutes are the same no matter if you’re at work, cleaning the house or sitting through a movie... but they can sure feel different, don’t they? I certainly can’t slow time down (believe me I’ve wished for it) but I can do things that will make my time more meaningful... and I want to stress this as strongly as I can, you do not have to do huge things to have meaningful experiences with other people! There were many times the Savior changed someone’s life just by giving people a “moment” of His time. He was never in a hurry when it came to ministering to people. His apostles sometimes tried to keep him moving on to the next place but the Savior knew something very important about time... it was His to give. He could offer people very little in the way of material things, but he did have time, and He gave it freely! Go to my website to read the rest of my #SundayMessage and a special conversation with my son Matthew. MarieOsmond.com/sundaymessage 👍😊 #TimeFlies #HappySunday

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The baby arrived ten days late, according to Brianna and Dave’s Amazon registry. The couple first got engaged back in November, but have mostly kept silent about their lives on social media. However, they did announce in December that they quietly tied the knot in an intimate ceremony that only consisted of their closest friends and family. A few short months later, the couple announced that they were expecting their first child together.

Marie Osmond also has three other daughters: Jessica, 31; Rachael, 30; and Abigail, 16. She also has four sons: Stephen, 36; Brandon, 22; Matthew, 21; and Michael, who committed suicide at the age of 19. In addition to little Baby Schwep, Osmond has four other grandchildren and is expecting another one from daughter Rachel later this summer.

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