Mario Lopez’s Son’s Nursery Is Inspired By The Family Dog

Mario and Courtney Lopez share how they decorated their nursery after being inspired by their family dog.

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Planning a nursery is a big deal for parents. They have to pick a theme, colors and all of the beautiful furniture and decor to help welcome their little one into this world. Many common themes include BOHO, Adventure, Disney, Jungle and even Under the Sea. However, probably one of the most unique themes that we have come across is in Mario Lopez's house. Mario and his wife, Courtney, decided to use their dog as inspiration when they were creating the theme for their son's nursery.

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Lopez admitted that the theme of the nursery is their family french bulldog, Julio. They even had a family friend paint a portrait of  Julio and then they placed it on the wall. The painting is hanging right about the baby's dresser. Lopez said that they decided to do the puppy theme because their family is completely "obsessed with" Julio and can't get enough of him. In the nursery, there is also a french bulldog lamp as well as a few canine figurines that decorate the nursery. Even the baby's mobile that hangs above his crib has bulldogs spinning around for little baby boy to look at while he is trying to fall asleep.

Their son, Santiano, is now 5 weeks old and he was born back in July. The couple also has two older children, Gina and Dominic. The kids were very excited that the little guy was 0born during the summer and before they had to go to school. The time off gave the older kids the time to be able to bond with their new baby brother. Lopez says that his older children are so in love with Santiano and they are the best helpers! He said that they are ecstatic and obsessed with him, but since he is still so new that might change as he gets older.

Congratulation to the Lopez family on their newest addition! We are so excited to be able to watch him get older and see tons of pictures. Although we have never heard of somebody centering their nursery around the family dog, it is actually extremely cute and so well done!

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