10 Amazing Girl Names Inspired By Female Marvel Characters

It may seem like comic books are dominated by male characters but the Marvel universe has plenty of female heroines for little girls to look up to. Fans of the genre have an entire cast of strong women to choose from if they want to give their daughter a name inspired by Marvel. These ladies are classy, sassy, and kick some serious butt.

From a green assassin in Guardians of the Galaxy to the Princess of Wakanda from Black Panther, these names are sure to please even the most hardcore fans. Please enjoy this list of ten amazing girl names inspired by female Marvel characters.

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10 Natasha

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Let’s start this list with the most lethal woman on the Avengers team, Black Widow. We all know that you can’t name your daughter Black Widow but you could give a wink to her by naming your little girl Natasha, which is the character’s first name. A girl given this moniker will kick down every door that stands in her way.

Natasha is a Russian name that means birthday of the Lord. It’s also a variation of Natayla. A cute nickname for this one would be to call her Sasha. Fierce, exotic, and sophisticated, Natasha is a hard one to beat.

9 Shuri

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Fans of the Black Panther franchise will be thrilled to name their daughter after the whip-smart Princess Shuri. This moniker is one of the more beautiful names of all the female marvel characters and your little girl will be proud to be named after such a powerful character.

Shuri is a Japenese name that means village. According to Nameberry, only 5 girls were given this name in 2016. It’s a unique title that might see a bit more action on the charts, thanks to the success of the movie. Your daughter will lead the pack with a name like Shuri.

8 Pepper

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Hoping to give your daughter a spicy name that is inspired by a Marvel character? If so, then Pepper may be the perfect option. Taken from the character, Pepper Potts, Gwyneth Paltrow played the love interest of Tony Stark in the Iron Man films. We think that this name has a lot of spunk.

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Pepper is an English name that means Berry. It gets extra points for being a spice name, which is currently on-trend. Although, this one has yet to truly take off on the charts. Which means that it’s just unique enough to make your little girl feel special.

7 Gamora

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Gamora is one of those names that just invokes strength. This one was inspired by the character played by actress Zoe Saldana in the Marvel movie, Guardians of the Galaxy. It’s so original that it hasn’t even found a place on the charts. How incredible is that?

According to Names.org. the Social Security Administration's public records has never had any record of anyone every being named Gamora. This one is 100% unused and just waiting for you to pick it for your daughter. Only hardcore fans would choose this one to show the world just how much they love the Marvel universe.

6 Storm

If you’re an X-men fan then you might want to consider naming your daughter Storm. Not only is this name inspired by one of the most mighty female Marvel characters, but Storm was also the first African American female hero in any comic book. Why not name your daughter after this ground-breaking character?

This one hasn’t found momentum on the charts but another version, Stormi has grown in popularity, thanks to Kylie Jenner naming picking it for her little girl. We think that Storm is a much bolder choice and you’d be smart to claim it as your own.

5 Jessica

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If you’re hoping to give your daughter a Marvel-inspired name that isn’t too outlandish, then you’ll totally want to snatch up the name Jessica. This one was taken from the Netflix series, Jessica Jones, which tells the story of a superhero turned detective in New York City.

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Jessica is a Hebrew name that means gift. We love that it has such a sweet meaning but gives a nod to one tough chick. According to Names.org, Jessica was ranked the 11th most popular girl name of all time. Saucy, fresh, and feminine, a girl named Jessica will be a force to be reckoned with.

4 Scarlet

Scarlet is one of those names that feels mysterious. Marvel fans will recognize that it was inspired by Scarlet Witch, an X-men character who later found her way into the Avengers film franchise. She’s a formidable sorceress and any girl would be lucky to be named after such a dynamic character.

Of course, one famous actress with this name Scarlett Johansson, who portrays Black Widow in the Avengers films. We love that it has such deep connections with Marvel. It is even cooler in our book for being a moniker inspired by a color, which is few and far between.

3 Hela

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Hela is a name that originated in Norse mythology as the Queen of the Underworld but is also a female character found in the Marvel Universe. This was the name given to Thor’s sister and was portrayed by Cate Blanchett in the film, Thor: Ragnarok. She’s a power-hungry entity who is deadset on overtaking Asgard.

The name oozes with confidence and is so original that only 28 babies have been named Hela since the year 1880, according to Names.org. You can’t get much more unique than that. You’d be smart to claim this one before other Marvel fans catch on.

2 Gwen

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Gwen is a totally accessible name that was drawn from the Marvel Universe. Inspired by Gwen Stacy, the love interest of Spiderman, she is also bitten by a radioactive spider and transformed into the character Ghost-Spider. This moniker feels peppy and cute, just like the character who inspired it.

Gwen is a Welsh name that means white circle. A famous person with this name is Gwen Stefani, who is beloved by punk rock girls everywhere. She rose to fame as the lead singer of the band "No Doubt". This one was popular in the 1960s and is totally poised to see a comeback.

1 Emma

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Emma Frost is a female character in the X-men series and we think that her name is just too pretty to not be included on this list. This villain turned superhero is an awesome character who is worthy of naming your daughter after. She’s strong-willed and one not to be trifled with. Yet, Emma sounds soft and sweet.

It’s a German name that means universal. It gained major attention when Rachel and Ross picked this one for their little girl on the television series Friends. It also checks the box for being a two-syllable name, which is totally desirable these days.

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