10 Marvel Universe-Inspired Baby Names

Marvel is known for having amazing comics filled with action-packed storylines and characters that people fall in love with. With the success of the Avengers films and tie in movies, Marvel is not just for comic book fans anymore. Everyone loves superheroes thanks to their work in film and if you are expecting a little one you might want to use a Marvel-inspired name for your baby. These names are sure to be ones that you and your little one will surely love, so keep reading to discover ten of the best names you should use for the Marvel universe to name your little one!

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10 Bruce

A classic Marvel character that everyone knows is Dr. Bruce Banner and the name Bruce is perfect for any little boy to have. Bruce is known for being The Incredible Hulk, who is smart, straightforward, and thoughtful in all of the comics and films he is in. These are all characteristics that you want your son to have and this name will surely inspire him to be like The Hulk. We do promise though if you select this name for your child they will not turn into a giant green monster!

9 Sharon

If you are looking for a beautiful name for your daughter then you want to consider the name Sharon. Sharon Ventura has used the pseudonym Ms. Marvel and is also known as She-Thing. Sharon is known for being talented in combat due to her training at a military academy. Sharon has gone through rough patches in life but she is always someone to push through any challenge life throws at her. Inspire your daughter with this character's name for her to be an independent woman like Sharon.

8 Charles

An iconic character that everyone knows for the Marvel world is Charles Xavier who is better known as Professor X. Charles is known for his appearances in the X-Men franchise and being the man who created the gifted school to help other mutants out there. His caring for others is important since he is one of the most powerful mutants in the world, yet he uses his brains and powers to teach others. Give your son a name he will be proud to have and name him after Charles Xavier.

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7 Layla

Layla is a wonderful name that any daughter will love at any stage of their life. The name Layla comes from the Marvel character, Layla Miller, who goes by the superhuman name Butterfly. You have seen Layla as the main detective in the X-Factor comics. She uses her brains and powers to be able to defeat any enemy that comes her way. We know that if you name your daughter after this character they will want to be just like her! Select the name Layla for your little one so they remember to always be able to trust their gut.

6 Steve

You have seen this Marvel character in films, comics, and cartoons and he is known for being an American icon, Captain America. Captain America’s real name is Steve Rogers, and is perfect for you to use for your son. Steve is an all around a good guy who cares for his friends and country. He is always honest and doing the right thing. Steve is the perfect name to give your son that will be a memento for him to live an honest and true life. Give your son a name that he will love with Steve!

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5 Gwen

A more unique name from the Marvel universe that you can give to any little girl is the name, Gwen. Gwen Stacy is also known as Spider-Gwen, and is a part of the Spider-Man franchise. She is smart, well-balanced, and does not hold grudges. All of these traits are ones you know you hope your daughter will have too. And with the movie Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse and it’s announced sequel, we know that everyone will love this name you give your daughter since Gwen has become an instant favorite among fans.

4 Scott

Scott Summer is Cyclops in the X-Men franchise. Scott is known for playing by the rules, being serious, and being one to think everything through before acting. Though you might not want your child to be as stiff as Cyclops, you do want to remind your child to think before they act and this name will be a great reminder for them! And since Scott is a traditional name that many parents already love, you know you can name your son after Cyclops and let your inner geek shine out.

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3 Jessica

A strong character to inspire your daughter is Jessica Jones. Jessica is known for starring in comics such as Alias, The Pulse, and, of course, Jessica Jones. Jessica is blunt, strong, guarded, and unapologetic. Some of these traits are necessary to make it far in life, and giving your daughter the name Jessica will encourage her to be strong when she needs to make it through whatever the obstacle is. Choose a name that is making a huge splash in the comic book world and name your little one Jessica.

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2 Nick

A sweet name that your son is going to love is the name, Nick. From the Marvel Universe, the name Nick comes from the iconic Nick Fury. Nick Fury is a beloved character since his portrayal in the Avengers with his decisive, wry, and principled personality. This name will be a reminder for your son to give his best to whatever he does. Name your son Nick and we know that when they grow up they will be so happy you named them after the man himself, Nick Fury.

1 Emma

A perfect name that is inspired by the Marvel universe is Emma. This name is taken from the character Emma Frost who is known for being in the X-Men series. Even though you might not want your daughter to be icy, aloof, and cunning like Emma, she still knows how to solve any problem with the X-Men team. So don’t let Emma Frost’s personality stop you from using this charming name for your little girl and give your daughter the name Emma to show off your Marvel and X-Men pride.

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