Massage Your Baby's Feet To Stop Crying

A crying baby is hard at the best of times, but a baby that won't stop crying can be soul-destroying. As parents, all you want to do is be able to soothe your child - and get a good night's sleep. After all, a mom with zero energy makes for a pretty miserable experience for everyone. The chances are you've tried everything to stop the non-stop wailing. Teething rings, teething gel, lullabies, those chairs that rock by themselves, even YouTube, but sometimes nothing works. However, there could be one simple solution.

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According to Understanding Compassion, massaging your baby's feet could be the answer to all of your problems. Reflexology is the ancient practice of massaging pressure points on the body which are directly linked to other parts of your body, like nerve endings. For instance, massaging the tip of your thumb could help with headache pain. For babies, there are multiple points on their feet that could help with teething, stomach pain, and even coughs. By massaging the tips of their teeny tiny toes, you could help them get some much needed relief from teething. If they have a cold and are struggling with mucus and all the nasties that come with it, the center underside of the toes correspond to the sinuses. Next, the pads of the feet underneath the toes could aid cough congestion in the chest, while the middle of the foot would help with bloating and wind. Lastly, experts say that gently rubbing on the heel can help with pelvic pain that babies often experience while they grow.

Health professionals also suggest that before you bite the bullet and go in with any form of massage, make sure your baby is relaxed. Encourage blood flow to the feet by giving them a warm bath and a calm, gentle foot rub for a few minutes.

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