10 Matching Baby Names For Big Families

When having multiple children, there are many things one has to consider. But some may neglect to consider the names that they are planning to give each child. Though it is not necessary, many mothers prefer their baby names to be sonically cohesive and match.

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Though it is important that the names are not too similar, as that could cause confusion. Below are several names that are similar enough to create harmony between these siblings in a family but not so similar as to cause confusion when called out. From similar sounds to harmonious spellings, this list contains ten beautiful pairs of names that one should consider if they want cohesive names for their children.

10 Violet & Oliver

These two names are deceptively similar. Though they seem different when spoken, if you look closely, these two names are nearly anagrams of one another. Swap out the T for an R and Violet can easily become Oliver.

The similar letters allows for a certain degree of harmony and cohesion between the two names but the fact that they sound so different when spoken prevents confusion and allows each child to have their own name.

9 Thomas & Timothy

For people who enjoy names that are both classic and simple, this beautiful pair of boy names could be perfect for their growing family.

Having the names begin with the same letter ties them together in a lovely way. But the fact that they are pronounced very differently allows the children to maintain their sense of individuality, even with the matching set of names.

8 Emma & Elliot

Even though some moms tend to shy away from the name Emma, due to its popularity, we have to admit that there is just something so sweet and warm about it. Like honey and milk on a snowy night. There is a reason why it is so popular.

Pairing it with a gender netural name like Elliot is a brilliant choice as the more modern nature of Elliot can balance out the popularity of Emma. Both names also exude very classic vibes which we are very partial to.

7 Soleil & Luna

Though these names sound nothing alike and contain minimal shared letters, they are a matching set of names due to the meaning behind them. Soleil, which means sun, and Luna, which means moon, are two beautiful, celestial, and soft names that create a lovely theme that the two little girls can share.

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Though sonically cohesive names are wonderful, there is something beautiful about names that are tied together due to their meanings.

6 Caitlin & Callum

The important thing to consider when picking similar-sounding names for one's children, it is important to prevent any possible confusion that could stem from their use.

You don't want to call out a name up the stairs and have both children descend as they are unsure which child was being called. That is why this pair of names is perfect. They are similar enough to be very adorable when written together but unique enough to prevent any mix-ups.

5 Hazel & Hayley

The combination of classic and modern inspirations is a fun way to bring something unique to each name in a matching set. Though Hazel is a classic name, it fell out of use in the mid 20th century and has seen a resurgence in popularity in recent years.

Hayley is a classic name with a modern spelling, which gives it both familiar and unique vibes. Bringing these two names together creates a lovely harmony between the old and the new.

4 Lucy & Liam

Though both of these names originally come from much longer names (Lucille and William) that might not match each other as well as their nicknames do, these shortened versions of the name are the perfect pair.

They are both soft, sweet, delicate, and the perfect choice for any little one that might be coming to your family soon. They also have the same amount of letters and the same first letter which creates that harmony that one seeks when considering matching names.

3 Flynn & Fletcher

These might be the most similar names on this list, but that does not mean that they are any less adorable than the other names! The Flynn and Fletcher duo is modern but classically romantic, as it sounds like something a prince would be named in a fairytale.

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Not only are these unique and wonderful names, but they are also the kind of names that both child can grow up with as they would suit a boy of any age. One of the main considerations when choosing a name for a baby is ensuring that it will suit them at every age and we think that these two fun names fit the bill!

2 Aiden & Adam

Though some may prefer to give their sons strong sounding names with blunt consonants and few vowels, we love the idea of giving our boys soft sounding names with vowels galore.

There is no reason for letters or sounds to be gendered and a soft name can be perfect for a boy in the same way that a strong name can be perfect for a little girl. And don't let anyone tell you any different.

1 Penelope & Peter

The combination of Penelope and Peter might be our favourite duo on this list. These two names together sound like the names a writer would give a pair of children from a classic British fantasy novel set in the early to mid 20th century.

While we love modern and unique names, there are a reason why some names have passed the tests of time and continue to show up each and every generation. Simply put, they are classic names because they are classic. If you are looking for something a bit more traditional and old-fashioned for your children (while still being livable in the modern world) this perfect pair of P-names might be right for you.

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