Back To Work: 10 Things Moms Should Do Before Maternity Leave Ends

When your maternity leave is coming to an end you might feel a bit overwhelmed trying to figure out how you are going to get back to work and handle caring for your newborn.

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Though you might be a bit excited to be able to feel like yourself again and get back into the swing of things, you might also feel a bit unsure about what your life is going to be like leaving your baby at care when you are at work. So keep reading to discover ten things every mom should do before their maternity leave ends and they head back to work.

10 Find A Moms Group


Every new mom needs to find other moms they connect with. Though your partner can be a great support system, you need to find other women out there who can give you tips and advice when it comes to dealing with a growing family. The moms' group you connect with can be in person with people you meet through baby classes, or online. Either way you can share stories and feel like someone else understands what you are going through. Be social when you were out with your baby to see if you can connect with other moms.

9 Meal Prep

Something that people do for hours every day is cooking, but a good way to help give you more time throughout the day is to meal prep. Spending some time on the weekend before your workweek starts can really help you when you get home and you do not want to cook. Meal prepping can help you by you needing just to heat up a premade item and you will have a home-cooked meal in minutes. You do not have to make fancy meals to meal prep, you can easily meal prep you and your partner's favorite foods.

8 Get A Routine In Place

Before you had your little one, you might have been the type of person that slept in until you had to rush out of bed and rush out the door in five minutes. Now, with a baby, you are going to need to set up a routine.

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A good morning routine can help you and your family get everyone ready and to their right locations without rushing. This might require you to wake up earlier, prep things the night before, and to leave with enough time to account for traffic. But you will be happy to have a calm morning rather than rushing with your little one every day.

7 Have A Family Day

At first, when you and your partner are on leave you're just adjusting to life with a newborn and trying to figure out how to be parents. Before you go back to work you want to spend a day just with your family doing things you enjoy together. This day should not be filled with chores and errands. Instead, spend a day out walking the park and just spend time enjoying your newborn. This time can be a memory that can help you get through tough days at work once you return.

6 Get Photos Printed

With today's smartphones, more pictures have been taken now than at any other time. Even though you are taking more pictures we are not getting them developed and displaying them like we used to. Make sure to stop by your local drugstore to get some family photos and baby photos printed.

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These photos can make you feel more connected to your little one when you are at work. Put them on your desk or your work locker to give you a little motivation when you need it, especially in workplaces that don’t allow cellphone use during work hours.

5 Create A Family Calendar

A big mistake people make all the time is to say they will remember something and not write it down. Now that you and your partner have a little one you are going to need to know about important events and where everyone is at a given time. Create a family calendar where you and your partner can put down work hours, doctor appointments, and family days so nothing is forgotten. This calendar is also going to be important for you to mark off any family visiting you and your newborn and any follow-up doctor appointments they have.

4 Have A First Day With Childcare

Not only do you have to have your childcare set up before your maternity leave ends, but it is also a good idea to have your baby spend a day in childcare before you go back to work.

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Sending your child to daycare while you are on maternity leave can help you and your little one get used to this new transition. This gives your childcare provider to be able to reach out to you without bothering you at work and call to check-in without having to go on break.

3 Remember That Perfection Doesn’t Exist

Something that many people stress out about is being perfect. It is natural for you to want to be the best mother, partner, and worker you can be, but you need to realize that perfect does not exist. It is important to understand that so you're not beating yourself up for not getting everything done in one day or forgetting something. We are all human and we will make mistakes, all we can do is hope to learn from them. Accepting that you are not perfect is going to help you raise your child to understand this fact as well.

2 Take Me Time

We know that since you gave birth to your child you have not had a lot of “me time.” Though you might feel like it is selfish to take time for yourself, we are here to tell you it’s not. We need to take care of yourself so you can be your best self.

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Your me-time can include you going out to get your nails and hair done, or just having your parent watch your child while you do something for yourself like binging a Netflix show can give you just want you to need to feel recharged.

1 Reflect

Your maternity leave probably went by a lot faster than you could have imagined and your little one is only going to be little once. Before you head back to work, you need to spend time looking back at your maternity leave and reflect. Either you are the type of person that likes to journal or scrapbook this can be a great way for you to look back on those little moments and see how much your baby has grown in such a short amount of time. Spend time reflecting on your journey in motherhood so far, before you head back to work.

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