Maternity Picture Of Woman With An Alligator Goes Viral

Florida woman poses with a baby alligator during maternity photo shoot and her picture goes viral.


Lindsey Tuttle, 26, has lived in Tampa Florida her entire life. She has lived with all of the stereotypes being a Florida woman and she has decided to embrace them through her one of a kind maternity photo shoot.

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Her photo shows her standing on a dirt road in Myakka City. She is wearing unzipped denim jeans, boots and a camisole. In the photo, Lindsey is holding a baby alligator while her husband Jonathon is bottle feeding the gator. Next to her her there is a case of beer, a shot gun and behind them is the state flag waving in all it's glory. She calls her photo, "the Florida woman."

VIA Tampa Bay Times

Lindsey did not take this photo to be serious. She is well aware that the entire shot is completely ridiculous and over the top. She decided to have fun with her maternity photos and do something that everybody would "expect" from a Florida woman. She began sharing her photo with her friends on Facebook and even shared it in different groups. She knew that it would elicit many different reactions and she wanted everybody to know that is not how she actually views Florida. Florida has received many of these stereotypes because the news likes to focus on people being "rowdy."

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Lindsey said she has obviously received some criticism about her photo, but she knew that when she arranged the shot. She was a bit surprised how hateful some people were about her photo. She said that she didn't just go into a swamp and pick up a baby alligator to feed. She arranged to hold the baby alligator, who's name is Fred, and who actually didn't like being fed the bottle (surprise surprise). She also wanted to tell everybody that the shot gun has been in her family for many many years and it is an heirloom. She wasn't trying to offend anybody when she did the maternity shoot, she was merely making fun of the stereotypes that her state has gained over the years.  Whatever her reasoning for doing the maternity photo shoot, she certainly gained national attention for her bold maternity photo.



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