Mattel To Make More "Ella" Barbie Dolls For Kids With Cancer

There was a very short supply of the beautiful and bald Ella doll since 2012 when the doll first came to life thanks to Beckie Sypin and Jane Bingham. Another little girl is now asking that more dolls be made for more kids and Mattel agreed. Her name is Grace Bumstead, she has a rare form of cancer called: acute lymphoblastic leukemia. She received her Ella doll after her operation in January. Her mother, Melissa, said that the doll helped 4 year old grace cope with her hair loss. "We bring [Ella] along everywhere to say, ‘This is what’s happening. This is what’s happened to Ella. This is what’s gonna happen to you.’ It brought it to her level." The hospital had a very limited amount of dolls in stock which is why the two of them started a petition to get more available. 

With more than 100,000 signatures, Mattel will not make more dolls for hospitals across the country! The Ella dolls will be available in August. We wish the Bumstead family and Grace lots of luck throughout her treatment. 

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