Matthew Morrison Says His Wife’s Miscarriage Brought Them Closer Together

Matthew Morrison revealed that the miscarriage he and his wife, Renee Puente, went through brought them closer together. The Glee and American Horror Story: 1984 actor made the revelation on November 18, during the 2019 Annual Thespians Go, Hollywood Gala, when he spoke exclusively to Us Weekly.

Renee, his wife of five years, opened up about her experience as a way of getting people to address the stigma usually associated with miscarriage. Fuente recently revealed that she had a miscarriage of her second pregnancy at six weeks. The actress spoke to her fans on her Instagram Story after the ordeal where she told her supporters not to feel sorry for her despite it being a massive, raw, confusing, vulnerable, and phenomenal experience. Renee also specifically addressed women and encouraged them to acknowledge, love, and support one another. Having gone through the same experience, she reiterated how she could relate with others who were in her shoes and comforted them by discouraging any shame and fear that they may feel.

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Us Weekly revealed from the exclusive report that Matthew is supportive of how Renee is open and vocal about it. He endorsed a dialogue about miscarriages, as it is frequent in society. Even though Morrison understands why women close themselves off and feel ashamed of it, the actor advocates for people to address it seriously. As such, he views what he went through as a gift. He sees Renee as a champion to other women due to the conversations that her announcement created.

Morrison and Fuente got married in 2014 and had their first child, a son, in 2017. The couple is excited to make their son a big brother and is already looking forward to trying again. The Tony nominee and his wife have not let the pain and suffering that they went through bring them down. Instead, they have used the experience to bring attention to the need to address and lessen the stigma facing women who go through miscarriages.

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As Matthew said, "That soul was not meant to be with us", a statement that shows the couple's acceptance of the situation that enables healing. Their excitement at trying for another baby shows they are well on their way to recovery. Many fans of the couple appreciate their openness to address miscarriage and learn from them about the approach to have. Matthew and Renee show how to accept, heal and grow from the experience.

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