McDonald's Apologizes For Serving Pregnant Woman Cleaning Fluid Instead Of Latte

McDonald's is making headlines for serving a pregnant woman a cup full of cleaning fluid instead of the latte that she ordered.

Sarah Douglas is nearly eight months pregnant. One Sunday, she made a quick run to her local McDonald's in Alberta, Canada. She used the drive-through because she was in a hurry and her belly was huge, so it was simply more comfortable. However, the expectant mama got a lot more than the latte she wanted.

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Douglas drove away with her latte, but after taking one sip, she knew it was not coffee that she was drinking. She immediately spat out what she had tasted and pulled over. After taking a closer look at the coffee, it was clear that she was given cleaning fluid. Obviously, this was scary and it is beyond unacceptable to give to anyone but that's especially true for a woman who is almost eight months pregnant.

The enraged woman immediately headed back to the fast-food chain and demanded to see a supervisor. After showing the supervisor her drink, he looked at her and asked if she wanted a new beverage. Douglas did not want another drink and called the situation unacceptable.

McDonald's has since issued an apology, as well as an explanation for how the cleaning fluid ending up being served instead of a latte. According to BBC News, restaurant franchisee Dan Brown explained that the latte machine had been cleaned earlier that morning. However, the milk supply line was not disconnected from the cleaning solution when the employee made Douglas' latte causing the fluid to go into her drink.

Brown went on to explain that the fast food chain has taken extra measures to make sure that this never happens again. The proper cleaning procedures have been reviewed with all employees, and signage has been added as a reminder. He once again issued an apology for the "mix-up."

Thankfully, Sarah Douglas felt fine and did not suffer any side effects from the cleaning fluid. She went to the doctor to make sure her baby was unharmed, and the little one was also okay. It is a horrible story, but at least everyone is now healthy and no one suffered any long-term consequences.

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