OB Explains How Measles Could Cause You To Lose Your Pregnancy

An obstetrician explains how getting infected by the measles virus can cause severe pregnancy complications and even death.

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We have seen the measles outbreak spread throughout the news. Cases are being reported throughout the United States. Arguments are emerging between those who believe in the benefits in vaccinations and those who believe that vaccinations are "poison" or "unnecessary." No matter the side you have taken, measles are real, the effects of measles are real, and there is a possibility of you becoming a victim to measles if you are not vaccinated. Even the vaccination isn't 100% effective on it's own, because it relies on everybody receiving the vaccination.

The measles virus is most detrimental to our more vulnerable population and of that is pregnant women. People have a weird outlook on measles. Some people believe that this virus is simply a little bit of a high fever and a rash. That is just not true. The measles virus can be deadly to anybody who is infected. In fact, the World Health Organization estimated that 110,000 people died of measles in 2017. If pregnant women get infected with the disease their chance of dying, or losing their baby goes up dramatically.

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Pregnant women who are infected will suffer from severe breathing problems and possible brain damage. Measles also increases the chance of women losing their pregnancy to miscarriage, or stillbirth. The infection can also cause premature birth, which can always lead to serious lifelong complications for the baby. Therefore, doctors are advising women who refuse to get the vaccination to avoid all of the locations that have confirmed measles cases. They are advised to not travel outside of the United States. As well as to avoid parts of Washington and Oregon that both have many confirmed measles cases.

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Dr. Waldorf, an obstetrician, said that one of the biggest concerns that parents had with vaccinations is the thought that they would cause autism. Of course, we have debunked this theory and have shown that their is no increase of autism for those who have been vaccinated. However, Dr. Waldorf went on to say that babies have an increased chance of developing autism, or depression if their mothers are exposed to serious infection during pregnancy. Therefore, being infected by measles while pregnant can actually cause measles. It is advised to take every precaution to avoid getting infected by the measles throughout pregnancy to protect the fetus as much as possible.

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