The Media Makes Dads Look Like Idiots & It's Not Fair

I really feel sorry for dads sometimes. I get frustrated when I see dads in commercials, movies, or televisions shows. They sometimes are depicted as incompetent bafoons who can't be trusted to be left with the children. Some dads are shown gagging while changing a diaper because they just can't do it. I remember watching one commercial where the mother asked her husband to go and get diapers and he came back with a llama. I don't even remember what it was advertising. I know it was meant to be funny, but it just weird and completely ridiculous. Some people might be telling me that I am a "snowflake" and I am "getting offended too easily" but I just feel like we do our dads a disservice by showing them to be so moronic in the media.

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Sure, there are fathers who are completely helpless. I have met a couple in my life who still believe that taking care of the children is the "woman's job" and so when it comes to their kids they have no idea what is going on! I met one father who called a man "a woman" because he was changing his daughter's diaper. I know these men exists, but this is not the majority and I don't think it is fair to our amazing fathers.

I am raising three little boys and one little girl. I want my boys to have confidence in themselves and I want them to feel confident when it comes time for them to become fathers. I want my daughter to find a husband who will strive to be a father who is involved. I have seen so many things that just make me roll my eyes and I kind of feel sorry for all of the awesome men in this world who are way better than the men on the t.v. In one commercial it showed a father who was completely falling apart while trying to change his daughter's diaper, another one showed the dad being confused by the washing machine, and then another where he had a fire extinguisher and was spraying the oven because he was burning the food.

In real life, there are some amazing fathers! My husband, my father and my brother are great dads! They are involved and helpful. My husband changes diapers whenever he is at home. He is in charge of the nighttime routine with our kids. My husband plays with the children and I feel completely confident with him watching all of the children while I leave the house. My husband wakes up in the middle of the night whenever the kids wake up. He has never started a fire while making food, he has never stared at the dryer like a moron and he has never made me take care of the kids while he propped his feet up while watching a sporting event. He works hard and I never have to nag him about how to spend our money, or to be involved in his children's lives. I just wish media reflected how amazing fathers actually are in real life!

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